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Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star

***** ITV’s The Next Great Magician with Stephen Mulhern *****

***** The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California, USA *****

***** ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross *****

Close up Magician London

After dinner and close up magician

Alan Hudson is one of UK’s most original and amazing close up magicians and funniest stage magicians

Professional magician in London, Greater London, Midlands, Home Counties as well as the rest of the world. With over 20 years of professional magical experience, Alan Hudson is one of the top magicians in the UK who uses stunning sleight of hand. Cool corporate dinners and client parties, wonderful weddings and excellent private parties. The perfect performer for award ceremonies, balls, funerals (he hasn’t done one yet – but it’s on the Bucket List). He’ll charm and wow your guests and make your event magical and absolutely unforgettable.

Want to hire an amazing magician? Have a look at these videos.

“Hilarious. Brilliant!” Stephen Mulhern

Corporate Magician

with Dynamo at The Magic Circle, London


One of the UK’s most entertaining after dinner/comedy magicians. Alan performs his very funny stand up magic, comedy, mind reading show. He’s performed at Leicester Square Theatre, London and Edinburgh Festival. Not to mention appearances on several primetime TV shows and hundreds of corporate events.

Make your guests the stars of the show. Alan will tell them which word they are thinking of and what their Credit/Debit Card PIN is. Also some great funny, visual set pieces of magic to music. He can put your guests in funny situations and provide a real talking point. Ideal for when you want to create real water cooler moments and need everyone entertaining at the same time. The stand up/after dinner act is the perfect solution. Excellent for corporate events, dinners, balls and awards ceremonies.


Before you hire a magician, you should view their videos first.

Magician on ITV TV show Fool Us

“We loved your act!” Penn & Teller

“Oh my god! How did you do that? I just don’t understand. You are a bit too good!” Comedian and Actress – Catherine Tate

“Your magic wowed the whole delegation and even impressed the most ardent cynics” Infosys Technology, London

Corporate Magician in London For Hire

Table Magician London, Midlands and Home Counties

Close up magic that is visual, interactive and stunning. Modern magic with guest’s personal possessions: money will appear from thin air. Jewellery vanishes and re-appears in impossible locations. Volunteers sign cards that end up in a mobile phone or a sealed wallet. Borrowed wine bottles are pushed right through a solid table! Imagine full decks of cards vanishing whilst held in someone’s hands. Incredible mind reading to really mess with their brains, bending forks (Uri Geller style) and much more.

And now some thoughts from the man himself….

“Hello. Me here. Hudson. I wrote a lot of the site too, but here I get to speak in first person for a bit. Often people ask me how long they should hire a close up magician for. Trust me when I say less is definitely more. Having magic at your event is a bit like having really nice chocolate. It’s really lovely for a while, but if you have too much, it gets worse (and you start to feel ill). Usually 60 minutes is enough for less than 50 guests. 90/120 minutes is enough for up to about 120 guests. If you’re having dinner and having more than 120 guests, you should also hire another table magician. I only book first class Magic Circle magicians who I know personally, so I can 100% guarantee their excellence” Alan Hudson – One of UK’s favourite funny tricksters

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