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Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, London

***** ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross *****

***** Performer at The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California *****

***** Over 20 years as a professional close up and after dinner magician *****

Christmas Party Magician

Close up magician/After dinner magician

1 of the top professional close up magicians and stage magicians for London, Midlands, Home Counties and the rest of the UK, with over 20 years of experience. Alan Hudson, is an expert table magician for hire with stunning sleight of hand trickery. He’s pretty funny too. Corporate events, weddings and cool private parties. As well as award ceremonies, balls, client parties, funerals (he hasn’t done one yet – but it’s on the Bucket List). Alan Hudson is one the UK’s top sleight of hand magicians and funny at the same time. He’ll wow and entertain your guests and make your event magical and absolutely unforgettable – for all the right reasons. Did we mention he was funny?

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Mind Blowing Table Magician: Alan Hudson

Corporate Magician HirePerforming as a magician in London, Home Counties, Midlands and as a Magician Birmingham, Magician in NorthamptonMagician in Milton Keynes, Magician in Leicester, Magician in Nottingham as well as the rest of UK and beyond. Alan is a professional magician so is used to a bit of driving.

The illusions performed are visual, interactive, funny and stunning to watch. Modern sleight of hand magic with guest’s personal possessions: making their cash or jewellery disappear and re-appearing in impossible locations, asking volunteers to sign a playing card and producing it in a mobile phone or a sealed envelope (in a zipped up wallet!), taking someones wine or beer bottle and pushing it right through a solid table, make a full deck of cards turn to glass whilst held in a someone’s hands, bending forks (Uri Geller style) and much more. Also performed are a couple of highly impressive mind reading feats to really fry their brains!

CHECK AVAILABILITY TODAY – Alan is one of the busiest tricksters in the UK so weekends and peak dates go early.

Before you book anyone, you should view their videos first.

London Corporate Magician

London Magician

“We loved your act!” Penn & Teller, the best magicians in the world

“Oh my god! How did you do that? I just don’t understand. You are a bit too good!” Comedian and Actress – Catherine Tate

“Your magic wowed the whole delegation and even impressed the most ardent cynics” Infosys Technology, London

After Dinner Magician/Comedian

One of the UK’s most entertaining after dinner/comedy magicians. Alan performs his very funny stand up magic, comedy, mind reading show. Performed at London’s Leicester Square Theatre and Edinburgh Festival to 4 star reviews. Not to mentions hundred’s of corporate events. It’s now available to book for your guests. He performs all over the UK (Midlands, London, Home Counties, Oxfordshire etc) so enquire now to see if your date is available.

Magician on ITV TV show Fool Us

A funny, magical after dinner show can really make a huge impact. Making your guests the stars of the show. He’ll tell them which word they are thinking of. What their Credit/Debit Card PIN is. Also some great funny, visual set pieces of magic to music. He can put your guests in funny situations and provide a real talking point. A mix and mingle magician is excellent for small groups. When you want everyone entertaining at the same time, the cabaret act is the perfect solution. Great for corporate events, dinners, balls and awards ceremonies.

Alan Hudson and Dynamo, Top TV Magician

And now a thoughts from the man himself…. “Hello. Me here. Hudson. I wrote the rest of the site too but here I get to speak in first person for a bit.

Often people ask me how long they should hire a close up magician for. Trust me when I say less is definitely more. Having magic at your event is a bit like having a really nice Turkish Delight – fantastic for a while but if you have too much it gets a bit sickly. Usually 60 minutes is enough for less than 50 guests. 90/120 minutes is enough to keep up a good energy and for up to about 120 guests. If you’re having dinner and having more than 120 guests, you should think about hiring another table magician. Make sure no table feels like they are unloved and ignored.

Ask me to book a team of magicians on your behalf. I know some really brilliant Magic Circle ones. I only book first class, tip top, table magicians who I know will do a fantastic job. I can 100% guarantee their excellence” Alan Hudson – One of UK’s favourite tricksters

Want to see Alan amaze someone? Watch this video now…

How much do magicians cost?

If you have any questions like “Where do you perform?” (the answer is all over the UK). “When is the best time to have magic at our wedding?” (there are 3 main times you can hire a magician for your wedding – the photo period, wedding breakfast or evening reception). “I’m not sure on prices. How much does a wedding magician cost”. “How much is a professional table/close up magician for an adult audience?” or “How much does a magician cost to hire?” (Answer – it depends on date, location, time etc) they are probably answered in the FAQ page.  Unless the question is “do you do card tricks?” then it’s not (but the answer is yes). Many people ask if Alan will work on weekends – the answer is of course yes (we get lots of stupid questions).

Close up Magician/Table Magician For Hire

Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s most experienced, full time table magicians for hire. He’s been performing at corporate events (for companies such as Reckitts Benckiser, Santander, Nationwide, Wincanton, Volvo etc), weddings and parties for more than 20 years. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Street Magician’, Alan will perform for small groups at a time with close up magic. Everyone gets a unique and personal, magical experience they will remember for years to come.

Stage Magician for Hire

For large groups a stage magician is best. Alan has a fantastic parlour/stage act that he’s performed at The Magic Circle in London, Magic Castle in Hollywood and for hundreds of corporate events all over the UK that were looking for quality entertainment.

For a table magician / close up magician in Bristol you could also try Rob James or here if you are looking for a Female Magician