Outstanding UK table/close up magician for hire – London|Midlands|Surrey

“an ASTOUNDING magician, comic and mindreader” Three Weeks ****

**Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, London**

**Repeat performances The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California**

**Over 21 years of full time professional experience**

**TV appearances on ITV’s hit Saturday night show Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross (3 million viewers). Also BBC2 Culture Show, ITV1 Sooty Show, BBC1 The Holiday Show**

1 of the UK’s top professional close up/table magicians, Alan Hudson, is a magician with stunning sleight of hand trickery and also has the funnies to go with the magics. Cool and awesome illusions for wonderful weddings, posh private parties, cool corporate client events and probably some other places too. Performing mainly in the UK (London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Midlands, Birmingham etc), you can now hire a leading sleight of hand expert to entertain your guests and make your event unforgettable.

Mind blowing, amazing close up magic with cards, mobile phones, forks, bottles, coins, rings and other everyday objects from one of England’s most popular magical performers.

Watch this video now…

CHECK AVAILABILITY TODAY – Alan is one of the UK’s busiest tricksters and peak dates go early. He performs all over the UK (Midlands, London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire etc) so enquire now to see if your date is available.

Before you book anyone, you should view their videos first.

London Magician

“We loved your act!” Penn & Teller, possibly the best magicians on Earth

“Oh my god! How did you do that? I just don’t understand!…. You are a bit too good” Comedienne and Actress – Catherine Tate

“Your magic wowed the whole delegation and even impressed the most ardent cynics” Infosys Technology

 Magician/Comedian: After Dinner

Not only is Alan Hudson one of the UK’s most incredibly entertaining up close/table magicians, he also performs his very funny stand up comedy, mind reading and magic show. Performed at London’s Leicester Square Theatre and Edinburgh Festival to many 4 star reviews – it’s now available to book now for your guests.

A funny, magical after dinner show can really make a huge impact. When coffee has been served, Alan performs his stand up comedy, magic and mind reading whilst making your guests the stars of the show. He’ll tell them which word they are thinking of, what their Credit/Debit Card PIN is and perform funny set pieces of magic to music. He can put your guests in funny situations and provide a real talking point. A mix and mingle magician is excellent for small groups, but when you want everyone entertaining at the same time, the cabaret act is the perfect solution.

Penn & Teller, Jonathan Ross and Alan Hudson on ITV's Fool Us Alan Hudson and Dynamo, Top TV Magician

And now a thoughts from the man himself…. “Hello. Me here. Hudson. I wrote the rest of the site too but here I get to speak in first person for a bit. Often people ask me how long to hire a close up magician for. Trust me when I say less is definitely more. Having magic at your party or wedding is a bit like having a really nice Turkish Delight – fantastic for a while but if you have too much it gets a bit sickly. Usually 2 hours is enough for up to about 120 guests. If you’re having a dinner and are having more than 120 guests, you should think about hiring another table magician as well to make sure no table feels like they are unloved and ignored. Ask me to recommend or even book them in on your behalf – I know some really brilliant ones – I only book tip top tabletop magicians who I know will do a fantastic job and have worked with them in the past so I can 100% guarantee their excellence”
Alan Hudson – One of UK’s favourite tricksters

Wedding Magician for Hire

If you have any questions like “Where do you perform” (the answer is all over the UK including London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Midlands, Birmingham, Oxfordshire) “When is the best time to have magic at our wedding?” (there are 3 main times you can hire a magician for your wedding – the photo period, wedding breakfast or evening reception), “I’m not sure on prices. What is the price to a professional magician for an adult audience?” (it depends) or “How much do magicians charge per hour?” (they don’t normally charge by the hour) etc they are probably answered in the FAQ page – unless the question is “do you do card tricks?” then it’s not (but the answer is yes). Many people ask if Alan will work on weekends – the answer is of course yes (we get lots of stupid questions).

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