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The Magic Castle Magician, Hollywood

The Magic Castle Magician, Hollywood, Los Angeles

I’ve just returned back from performing at The Magic Castle, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The Magic Castle is a members club in LA on Franklin Avenue (near Hollywood Boulevard). It is the most incredible venue and has the most amazing audiences. Full of the Hollywood elite and mixed in with magicians (they are easy to spot) […]

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Blackpool Magicians Convention

My Smallest And Biggest Audience Ever

A few days ago someone asked me what the biggest audience was I’ve ever done magic for. Then, inevitably, someone asked “What’s the smallest?”. I thought I’d repeat the answer here… The biggest was very recently at the Blackpool Magician’s Convention. Ask any magician and he will certainly know of this convention – it’s the […]

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The Magic Circle, Circular

The Magic Circle Cover Star

2016 was largely considered a bad year (especially for celebrity deaths). In contrast, I had a fantastic year. I was on ITV’s hit show The Next Great Magician. I was made a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and had more bookings than ever before. 31st December I had the perfect finish when […]

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Member of Inner The Magic Circle

Member of The Inner Magic Circle

I was very honoured this weekend to get a call this weekend from Scott Penrose, the president of The Magic Circle. I’ve been made a member (of the very elite) Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. This is the highest degree possible within the society.

 When I started in magic at around the age of […]

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Is a wedding magician tacky?

Is a wedding magician tacky?

Is a wedding magician tacky? It’s a question that gets posted from time to time so I thought I’d help answer it. It doesn’t really help from forums when people with no experience just answer Yes or No. The answer is – it depends. Magician Wedding I have performed at weddings for over 20 years […]

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The Magic Circle

What is The Magic Circle?

It’s a good question. What is The Magic Circle? Many have heard of it but not many know what it actually is. Often when I’m performing at events as a close up magician, people will sidle up to me, look both ways, and ask me if I’m a member of The Magic Circle. I think they […]

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Mac King, Comedy Magician

Comedy Magician or Funny Magician?

Some people ask me what the difference is between a comedy magician and a funny magician. I guess it’s all how you interpret it. I would say the main difference in the intention. For instance, when Tommy Cooper was performing, he’d have the emphasis on the comedy part. The magic was never very good. He […]

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Alan Hudson - Magician for hire

Places you might not have thought about having a magician

Everyone knows that magicians are great for parties and weddings, but as a professional magician I know lots of other places that I know work brilliantly. Here are a few that many maybe wouldn’t have thought about. Client Parties It’s so hard to come up with the right entertainment for a client party. Canapés, drink […]

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The Next Great Magician

The Next Great Magician | ITV Magic Show

The Next Great Magician. In 2016, ITV filmed a new, very exciting tv magic show called The Next Great Magician. Many years ago, ITV had another magic show called The Best of Magic back in 1989. As the title suggests, it contained the best magic acts from around the world and was instrumental in my personal […]

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Paul Daniels Magic Set

How has magic changed in the last 25 years?

Most magicians my age have a similar story of how they got in to magic – they either saw a magician at a kid’s party or received a Paul Daniels Magic Set or book. Not all, but a very high percentage. Nowadays, I guess a lot of people are getting in to magic with a […]

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