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After Dinner Magician : Alan Hudson

*Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star

*Performer at The Magic Castle, Hollywood

*The Magic Circle Christmas Show

*Appeared on ITV’s The Next Great MagicianPenn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross, BBC2 The Culture Show and ITV The Sooty Show

*Performances at Edinburgh Festival and Singapore Arts Festival

One of the UK’s top funny magicians for awards ceremonies and corporate events

An excellent stand upAfter Dinner Comedy Magician after dinner magician and awards host. His funny magic act (which can last anywhere between 10 – 40 minutes as required) is a cheeky mix of comedy, magic and mind reading. Using members of your audience as volunteers means every show is completely unique. Alan can guess a word someone is thinking of or tell your boss their Credit Card PIN. He’ll make a borrowed object (watch, ring or wallet) vanish and then find it in the most impossible of locations and much more.

Alan performs his after dinner cabaret act all over the world for numerous corporate clients. He’s performed for top hotels in London, comedy clubs and even The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The Magic Circle themselves even chose Alan to represent them for their own flagship show at Christmas time – a huge honour for any magician. Book Alan to perform at your event and make it amazing, visit the contact page now

Actions speak louder than words – here are some clips of Alan in action….

After Dinner Magic Videos