How much does a magician cost to hire?

How much does a magician cost to hire?Many people who enquire can often just want to know the price. “How much does a magician cost to hire?”, “how much do you charge?”, “what is the cost per hour?” etc. Understandably people don’t book magicians everyday so have no idea as to how much they might be. But to just want a price on anything without knowing what is on offer is ridiculous.

Most magicians don’t have prices on their websites for several reasons – 1) They want people to make contact first so they can ‘sell’ their wares to them over email or telephone and 2) It’s almost impossible to put a price list up because almost every single event is different. There are just too many variables.

When you ask, “How much does a magician cost to hire?”, several factors come in to it. For instance, a Saturday evening is likely to have a higher cost than a Monday afternoon. The magician in question may already have one job nearby that day and ‘doubling up’ (doing 2 jobs in a day) is always good so could potentially offer a cheaper price. A peak date in December will be higher than one in January. Or maybe the magician will charge more or less depending on the location and whether or not he actually wants to come along or not. It’s always better for the magician to perform locally – but quite often someone who has seen me before might want me to go to a wedding in London for instance. I’d be stupid to turn that down or out price myself – performing usually leads to other people booking me for other events.

So, what is the cost of a close up magician? Well, most good professional magicians tend charge from around £450 – £1500 (can sometimes be more in December, especially on peak days) for close up magic, more for cabaret (there are a couple that charge a lot more than this – for instance TV magicians, but they are the exception). And sometimes it can cost more to book way in advance.

Like all things, you can get cheaper. Magic has lots of wannabes and chancers like all professions. Usually they are quite young and wear their dad’s suit, semi professionals (some of whom are good I have to say – although their ‘real job’ can get in the way and lead to last minute cancellations) or children’s entertainers and clowns who know a few little tricks. Someone once said to me that you can always tell a kids entertainer when they are doing adult shows – it just shows in their mannerisms, and often in their attire! I also believe this to be true.