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WINNER on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Britain’s Got Talent ★

ITV The Next Great Magician with Stephen Mulhern

Carlton Comedy Award Winner – The Magic Circle  ★

The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California, USA

Comedy After Dinner Magician – Virtual Magician

Watch Alan Hudson Fool Penn & Teller in Las Vegas

Alan Hudson is one of Britain’s leading funny conjurors and highly regarded as one of the top UK magicians for stage and as a virtual magician.

He’s a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (less than 250 worldwide) and they awarded him The Carlton Comedy Award for outstanding comedy in magic. He’s been featured on many hit TV shows around the world including Britain’s Got Talent, ITV’s The Next Great Magician, Tú Sí Que Vales in Italy and was a winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Britain's Got Talent, Comedy Magician, Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s most entertaining and original comedy magical entertainers.

Thousands of performances at Leicester Square Theatre in London, The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Monday Night Magic in London and New York and also starred in his own shows at Edinburgh Festival.

Your guests become the real stars of the show. When you hire Alan Hudson, he does most of the heavy lifting, but it’s your guest’s reactions to the magic and comedy that really make the show completely unique. The show is ideal for when you want to create a shared experience and need everyone entertaining at the same time. The stand up/after dinner act is the perfect solution for corporate events, dinners, winter balls and awards ceremonies.

If you are taking your event online, Alan can make it incredible and hilarious with his virtual magic show.

Virtual Magician

Virtual Magic Show Online

Alan Hudson is one of the most amazing and funniest virtual magicians in the world.

Performing unbelievable and hilarious shows online (via Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx etc). The magic is incredible, the comedy is hilarious and it’s about the best fun you can have on a video call.

Check out the 5 star reviews here.

Performing shows worldwide in USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA etc. Virtual magic shows bring people together across timezones. Fantastic fun and incredibly amazing. 20+ years of professional magical experience.

Watch the Actual Virtual Magic Show Trailer

Alan has become one of the busiest and best virtual magicians in the world. He has created an exciting and engaging show for work meetings, online awards evenings, get-togethers and happy hours. It’s 100% interactive and one of the most amazing things you can do on a video call. For more details see Zoom Magician.

He’s performed his virtual magic show for hundreds of companies including Meta/Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Warner Bros, Disney, LinkedIn, Tommy Hilfiger and in 2022 was even hired by Zoom themselves for their big ‘Zoom Is 10‘ virtual event.

The interactive virtual magic show is even more mind blowing than an in person show. Alan can read your mind, even though you’re not even in the same room. You also get to see everything ultra close up and in HD and still not have a clue how any of it was done.

Virtual Magician Magic Show

“Hilarious. Brilliant!” Stephen Mulhern

“You’re like the Lee Mack of Magic!” Ant and Dec

Virtual Magician Hire

“We loved your act!” Penn & Teller

“Alan was an AMAZING virtual magician and host for my company event. He’s FUN, hilarious, engaging, and an overall good time! We still have no idea how he was able to pull off all his tricks! Too impressive to pass up!” Bianca Nguyen, VMWare

“Incredible experience! We brought Alan in to our corporate event for a fun afternoon of magic and mind-reading. He was absolutely amazing! Everyone on the call loved the event. Alan was personable, hilarious, and truly a great virtual magician. 10/10 recommend!” Brookey Villanueva, Google

The Fantastic Close Up Magician Show UK

Virtual Magician Alan Hudson

The Close Up Magician Show is a 30 – 40 minute show, perfect in a private dining room.

The amazing parlour style show is ideal for a small number of guests with magic, mind reading, lots of interaction and mind blowing moments.

Incredible close up magic that is visual, interactive and stunning. Money will appear from thin air. Unfathomable things are done with a Rubik’s Cube. Guests can lend Alan objects such as jewellery or watches which he will vanish and make re-appear in the most impossible of locations. Signed cards are magically transported to a mobile phone or a sealed wallet. Borrowed wine bottles are pushed right through your dinner table! Incredible mind reading to really mess with their brains. All presented in Alan’s humorous style to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

He’ll wow your guests, make them laugh and make your event magical and undoubtedly unforgettable.


And now some thoughts from the man himself…

Wedding Magician

“Hello. Me here. Hudson. I wrote most of the site too, but here I get to pretend I didn’t and speak in first person for a bit.

People often ask me how long they should hire a stage magician or virtual magician for.

For virtual shows online, usually around 30 – 45 minutes is the perfect length depending on what else is going on. If you have lots of other things, 30 minutes could work best. If my show is the bulk of the happy hour, often the 45 minute show is ideal.

For in person shows, I perform a show for everyone. The after dinner show on stage for 20 – 40 mins. For smaller groups, The Close Up Magician Show, with sleight of hand and mind reading which usually lasts around 30 – 40 mins.”

Alan Hudson - The Next Great Magician

Who is Alan Hudson?

Alan Hudson is one of the top magicians in the UK, performing online for virtual online magic shows, corporate and private events. He’s appeared on lots of TV shows including ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician, WINNER on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Tú Sí Que Vales in Italy. He also once also had a guest appearance on The Sooty Show!

He is also a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

What exactly is a virtual magician?

A virtual magician is someone who performs magic shows online. The magic is performed over Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc. It’s really exactly the same as a ‘normal’ magician (if there is such a thing), but as it’s been performed in the virtual world, the term ‘virtual magician’ has been coined.

The shows are all incredibly interactive. It’s not a show that you just watch. You are the show!

Do you perform in the USA?

Although he performs lots of shows in UK and Europe, most of Alan’s virtual Zoom performances are in USA. It’s fantastic to connect everyone from PST to EST without leaving the house. It’s the most fun you can on Zoom.

Alan also performs shows in real life at corporate events around the world including USA.