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Famous Magician David Copperfield

Famous Magicians

Famous magicians. There are a lot of them. Not as many as actors, singers or comedians maybe but there are hundreds of famous magicians who have all changed the face of magic. Most magicians, when they become famous, usually spawn hundreds of younger magicians who all want to be them. You can often tell which […]

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Virtual Magician Alan Hudson

Virtual Comedian | Hilarious Comedy on Zoom Live

Zoom entertainment has exploded and a virtual comedian is the ideal entertainment. Comedy on Zoom works amazingly well as long as you have the right comedian providing the laughs. Alan Hudson is one of the top virtual comedian/magicians on Zoom. His shows are not only hilarious, but also incredible. Along with the comedy, Alan performs […]

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British Illusionist Zoom

British Illusionist | Virtual Magic

British illusionist, Alan Hudson, has performed on Britain’s Got Talent, ITV’s The Next Great Magician and the British version of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He’s also a Gold Star Inner Member of The Magic Circle – one of the oldest magic clubs in the world with its headquarters in England. Alan Hudson performs a […]

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Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment Magic

Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment

Fantastic virtual happy hour entertainment has become huge. Massive. Trying to find something that will engage everyone is difficult. Luckily, since the explosion of virtual entertainment in 2020 you now have some good options. A virtual magic show is one of the best entertainments you can have during happy hour. It’s amazing, interactive and 100% […]

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Digital Magician Zoom

Digital Magician – Amazing Virtual Magic

Digital magician, Alan Hudson, is one of the most exciting virtual magicians in the world. Alan has taken his amazing magic skills, comedy and years of experience to the digital world with The Actual Virtual Magic Show. The show is live and interactive. Each show is completely unique as your guests are all unique. The […]

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Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Exciting Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment Zoom Christmas party entertainment was HUGE in 2020 and it’s just as big in 2021 with most dates sold out already.Is a Zoom Christmas party the the same as a ‘real life’ party? No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be brilliant fun. Make sure everyone has a […]

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Social Distancing Entertainment magician

Social Distancing Entertainment | Fantastic Magic Ideas

Here in the UK, there is a lot of talk about social distancing entertainment. As I write, things are going back to ‘normal’ and people are starting to chat about various parties and corporate events for later in the year. One of the major things is of course entertainment. A big part of my job, […]

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities | Online Magic Zoom Show

Lots of people are now looking for virtual team building activities. Since a lot of people are now working from home and Zoom is the best way to stay connected, you still need things to do that are not work related. Activities online are the best way to stay connected as a team. Big Zoom […]

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Britain's Got Talent Comedy Magician

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician | Amazing magic

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician. As a comedy magician, many people over the years have asked when I was going to be Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve always had plenty of excuses not to. However, this year I thought I’d finally give BGT a go. This year, myself and my wife (who is also an excellent […]

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