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Online Magic Show - Secret Zoom

Online Magic Show | Interactive Zoom Magician | Virtual Magic

Amazing and interactive online magic show for team meetings, awards, summer drinks and celebrations.The Secret Zoom is an incredible 30 minute virtual online magic show for you, your colleagues during team meetings or family and friends for get togethers. You will get your mind read, you’ll see some crazy magic (that you help to make […]

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Social Distancing Entertainment magician

Social Distancing Entertainment | Fantastic Magic Ideas

Here in the UK, there is a lot of talk about social distancing entertainment. As I write, things are going back to ‘normal’ and people are starting to chat about various parties and corporate events for later in the year. One of the major things is of course entertainment. A big part of my job, […]

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities | Magic Zoom Show

Lots of people are now looking for virtual team building activities. Since a lot of people are working from home and Zoom is the best way to stay connected, you still need things to do that are not work related. During quarantine/lockdown theses have become more popular than ever. Virtual Team Building Activities There are […]

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Britain's Got Talent Comedy Magician

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician | Amazing magic

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician. As a comedy magician, many people over the years have asked when I was going to be Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve always had plenty of excuses not to. However, this year I thought I’d finally give BGT a go. This year, myself and my wife (who is also an excellent […]

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How much does a wedding magician cost

Wedding Magician Cost – How much do brilliant magicians charge?

Wedding Magician Cost. How much is a wedding magician? What is the cost of a magician for my wedding? What are the wedding magician prices? Obviously these are often the first questions people ask as magicians don’t tend to have prices on their websites. Many people think magicians and suppliers put their prices up for […]

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Magic Workshop and magic lesson

Magic Lessons and Magician Workshop

I get countless emails asking if I give a magic workshop, magic lessons or teach magic. Although I don’t usually give one on one magic lessons, I have done in the past for a few of my regular clients and they have been fun. I always think if anyone is a serious student of magic, […]

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Comedy Stage Magician

Stage Magician – 5 different types of stage magic

A lot of people get in contact and ask if I’m a stage magician. I do perform on a stage, so the answer is yes. But, as there are lots of different types of stage magicians. The one that you’d need for your event, depends on how big the stage it, what else you have […]

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