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Comedy Stage Magician

Stage Magician – 5 different types of stage magic

A lot of people get in contact and ask if I’m a stage magician. I do perform on a stage, so the answer is yes. But, as there are lots of different types of stage magicians. The one that you’d need for your event, depends on how big the stage it, what else you have […]

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Magician Midlands - Close Up Magician

Magician Midlands – Amazing Close Up Magician

Magician Midlands. As a magician, I perform all over the UK (and the world). I’ve based myself in the Midlands as this seems the best place to be. Many think it might be London (I did too for a while) but now I have realised that the Midlands is the perfect place for a magician […]

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Mind reading magician

The Mind Reading Magician – Magic or Telepathy?

Am I a mind reading magician? Is anyone? Is it real? One of the most popular questions any magician gets asked is “can you read minds?”. Often followed by “what are the lottery numbers?”. It’s a reasonable follow up. I mean, let’s be honest, if you really were a mind reading magician then surely you’d […]

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Trade Show Magician

Trade Show Magician – Magic Customers To Your Stand

Trade show magician, Alan Hudson is one of the top corporate magicians in the UK. If you’re looking for a truly unique and brilliant way to attract visitors to your stand, you might want to think about hiring an expert trade show magician. Not just any magician. Any magician can do tricks. In fact, any […]

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Vanishing Car

The Vanishing Car

Why I did the The Vanishing Car trick. I’ve always loved the show Taskmaster on Dave. Just in case you’ve never seen it, the brief summary is that celebrities are given tasks to do. They only have a short amount of time to complete them in. Usually the results are really funny and it shows […]

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Hire a Local Magician

Fantastic Local Magician Near Me

I’ve noticed many people, when searching for a magician, are often looking for a local magician. This might make sense to some (ie local = cheaper right?). But it’s not necessarily the best way to hire a magician for your event. Let me explain why. Often people do a search for ‘A local magician near […]

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Carlton Comedy Award Magician

Carlton Comedy Award

Last night was the annual awards ceremony at The Magic Circle. I last performed there 3 years ago where I got Dynamo to help me on stage. This year, I got asked again and got to say the words that a 15 year old me could only dream of “please welcome my assistant, the lovely […]

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Comedy Magician Showreel 2019

After Dinner Showreel

This year I got someone to come and film one of my corporate after dinner shows and edit it together. Then, mixed it in with a few of the television appearances I’ve done. And voila – my 2019 Showreel. Showreels are tricky. As a performer you want to put more in. But I realise people […]

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The Magicians Podcast

The Magicians’ Podcast

Podcasts have exploded in the last 10-15 years. With the help of Ricky Gervais and a few other famous people, they have become part of the norm. Strange that before then they didn’t really exist and now I wouldn’t want to live without them. Around 10 years, me and my friend did a small podcast […]

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