Is a wedding magician tacky?

Is a wedding magician tacky?

Is a wedding magician tacky? It’s a question that gets posted from time to time so I thought I’d help answer it. It doesn’t really help from forums when people with no experience just answer Yes or No. The answer is – it depends. Magician Wedding I have performed at weddings for over 20 years […]

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The Magic Circle

What is The Magic Circle?

It’s a good question. What is The Magic Circle? Many have heard of it but not many know what it actually is. Often when I’m performing at events as a close up magician, people will sidle up to me, look both ways, and ask me if I’m a member of The Magic Circle. I think they […]

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Mac King, Comedy Magician

Comedy Magician or Funny Magician?

Some people ask me what the difference is between a comedy magician and a funny magician. I guess it’s all how you interpret it. I would say the main difference in the intention. For instance, when Tommy Cooper was performing, he’d have the emphasis on the comedy part. The magic was never very good. He […]

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Alan Hudson - Magician for hire

Places you might not have thought about having a magician

Everyone knows that magicians are great for parties and weddings, but as a professional magician I know lots of other places that I know work brilliantly. Here are a few that many maybe wouldn’t have thought about. Client Parties It’s so hard to come up with the right entertainment for a client party. Canapés, drink […]

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The Next Great Magician

The Next Great Magician | ITV Magic Show

The Next Great Magician. In 2016, ITV filmed a new, very exciting tv magic show called The Next Great Magician. Many years ago, ITV had another magic show called The Best of Magic back in 1989. As the title suggests, it contained the best magic acts from around the world and was instrumental in my personal […]

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Paul Daniels Magic Set

How has magic changed in the last 25 years?

Most magicians my age have a similar story of how they got in to magic – they either saw a magician at a kid’s party or received a Paul Daniels Magic Set or book. Not all, but a very high percentage. Nowadays, I guess a lot of people are getting in to magic with a […]

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Dynamo Magician

5 of the best magic shows I’ve ever seen

I’ve been a magician since I was around 14/15 (I used to do magic as a small kid but looking back I don’t think I could call myself a magician because I’d got a Paul Daniels magic kit). As a teen I started taking it seriously and joined the Humberside Young Magicians (winning the much […]

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Quality Quantity

How to get value for money when booking a magician

Everyone wants to feel like they are getting value for money. But what exactly is that? Especially when booking a magician. Some might think it’s how long the magician is booked for. Surely if 2 magicians are the same price but 1 has said he’d come along for 2 hours and the other has said […]

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Impossible Magic Show London

It’s the way you tell em

Magic is a funny old business. The fashion of it comes and goes. Sometimes there’s very little going on in the world of magic and you could be forgiven for thinking it had gone out of favour with the public. This year there are loads of big magic shows in London. In the past, only […]

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Magicians Podcast

The Magicians Podcast Interview

The Magicians Podcast is run by a fellow magician called Richard Young. Each week he will interview someone notable in the world of magic and although primarily aimed at magicians (upcoming, semi and professional), it can be of great interest for others too. A few years ago, I had a very similar idea of talking […]

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