Christmas Party Magician

Christmas Party MagicianChristmas Party Magician. The busiest time for most magicians is the Christmas party season. This actually starts in November and runs to January. The most frequently asked for entertainment is close up/mix and mingle magic, but there are other options. It all depends on what type of party you are having, where you are having your party and, of course, budget.

Here are a few different ways in which you can use a Christmas party magician to solve your entertainment needs this year.

Mix and Mingle Magic

This is where Alan will perform for small groups at a time. Alan will make sure guests get chatting and laughing and speaking to other work colleagues. This is usually best if you are hiring a room with no set meal. Great if people are stood around with drinks and nibbles. Alan can mix through your guests wowing them with sleight of hand.

Christmas Party Table Magician

If you are having a sit down meal, Alan will go to each table and perform a tailored close up magic show for each group. As the guests are not moving around, this is an excellent time for the magic as it means no one gets missed out. It breaks the ice at the tables giving them all plenty to talk about (apart from work).

After Dinner Cabaret

Often a Christmas party will be as follows – drinks, meal, disco or band. If you really want to make your party different to last years and be remembered, having some cracking magical entertainment is ideal. Alan perform his after dinner magic, mind reading and stand up show for around 20-30 mins. This usually involves hilarious banter with the audience and volunteers to come up ‘on stage’ (doesn’t actually need a stage – a space at the front will do). The CEO or Geoff from accounts can have his mind read in front of everyone and maybe even his Credit Card PIN code revealed.X-Mas magician

The Secret Room

This is an amazing idea if you have a separate room. This is where guests would get brought in to a Secret Room (maybe 5-10 at a time), not knowing what they are about to witness. Alan will then perform some fantastic magic without the interruptions of waiters, people joining groups mid way through and spoiling the flow etc. At the end, guests are asked to not reveal what’s going on inside the room. This creates a brilliant buzz around the party. More details here

One Table Party

Often Christmas parties can be very small with only 5 – 20 guests. Often in a private room with everyone sat around one table. After many years of experience, Alan has worked out the perfect entertainment. A 30-40 magic and mind reading show for everyone at the same time. This works well before starters (sets up a fun evening with plenty to talk about after) or after desserts. Everyone gets involved to some degree – whether it’s signing a chosen card or having a fork melt like butter in their hands.