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The Magic Circle Magazine – Magic Circular Review

As avid followers of my career and this blog in particular (or more likely, you have stumbled here by mistake), you will know that I performed in the Magic Circle Christmas Show this year. Not only did it sell out for 7 days with 2 performances per day, it also received a fantastic critical response. Here is my part of the review from The Magic Circular – The Magic Circle’s official magazine.

Magic Circular

“I had previously only seen Alan Hudson performing very short spots so it was interesting to see him on stage for a longer period of time in what was my personal highlight of the show. Alan performed a selection of stand-up comedy magic and, for me, the most impressive element of his show was the way he combined strong magic with a lightness that made it clear he wasn’t taking himself too seriously. For example, a thimble routine that was performed smoothly and skilfully was not accompanied by an emotive piano background but rather with an acknowledgement that there is something ridiculous about a grown man fiddling with a thimble on stage. It didn’t make the productions, disappearances and transformations of the thimbles any less magical but it did make Alan far more likeable and interesting. Alan also performed a strong routine in which he determined the colour of balloons popped by a spectator whilst blindfolded and a charming variation of the Piano trick with two children from the audience”