Close Up Magician for special events

What is a Close Up Magician?

When a magician performs right under your nose they are usually referred to as a ‘Close Up Magician’. Usually with small objects such as cards, rings, money, wallets, phones (anything that can be carried in the pockets really). They will either approach small groups or tables or sometimes set a performance area up for people to watch a close up magic show. Perfect for special events.

Where do you perform?

The beauty of this style of entertainment is that it works almost anywhere you have people. Weddings, Corporate events, trade shows, house parties – if you have a group of people you want entertained on a one to one basis, this is the entertainment to go for. Also, magic is universal. It appeals to teens, hipsters, families and grandparents – everyone loves a bit of magic.
Close up magician

Why book this type of entertainment?

It solves a problem. If your problem is “I want people to be entertained and think my wedding/event/party was great fun”, then having a brilliant close up magician will help a lot. Having great entertainment is one of the most important parts of any party. Having the right guests, food and drink are also important – usually after the day people will forget what they drank, but they will remember seeing miracles.

How much is a Close Up Magician?

Magicians all price themselves according to their desirability, skill level, TV, experience etc. Also, it depends on location and how long you want them for. It’s a bit like asking how much a singer is – Robbie Williams would be more expensive than an X-Factor finalist, and they would be more expensive than someone who has done done it for 20 years. In turn, they would be more expensive than someone who has just started…. you get the idea.

How do I book?

Alan is available all over the uk. If you are looking for a London magician, Birmingham magician or Northampton Magician, Alan performs all over the UK. For free advice and to see how Alan can entertain your guests with top quality close up magic, got to the contact page and get in touch today.