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Magician Las Vegas – Amazing Magician to Hire

Magician Las Vegas Hire

Alan Hudson, Magician Las Vegas, is one of the funniest and most exciting magicians performing at corporate events.

A British magician, performing in Las Vegas and as seen on lots of TV shows including Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and UK’s The Next Great Magician.

As well as television shows, Alan has been performing for corporate events for over 20 years with his hilarious after dinner comedy magic act. The magic is amazing, the mind reading is mind blowing and the comedy is hilarious.

Alan performs at top class events across Las Vegas with close up magic, stage magic and virtual online events.

Stage Magician Las Vegas

Magician Las Vegas

What could be more suitable for a corporate event in Las Vegas than your very own magician? Las Vegas is often thought of as the home for magic, so hiring an amazing magician to entertain your guests is the perfect entertainment solution. There are dozens of magic shows you can go and see on the strip, but for corporate events, Alan Hudson can come to you and perform a private performance bespoke for your company and your audience.

The magic performed is not only amazing, but also hilarious. Your guests get to be the stars of the show either on stage or in audience with the incredible participation parts of the show.

Alan Hudson has performed for companies, not only in Las Vegas, but all over the world with his hilarious after dinner comedy magic show. The show can last anywhere between 15 – 60 minutes as required.

Fooling Magicians Penn and Teller in Las Vegas

Alan Hudson recently appeared on TV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Filmed at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, the premise of the show is simple. Show Penn & Teller a magic trick and try to fool them.

Alan performed his signature magic trick that he invented and managed to fool 2 of the best magicians in the world that have a residency in Las Vegas.

Over the past 10 years or so, hundreds of magicians have attempted to fool Penn & Teller, but only a few have succeeded. Often, the tricks that do fool them, are not always the most entertaining ones.

Have a look at Alan’s appearance that is not only a great piece of magic but also very entertaining too.

Close Up Magician Las Vegas

There are lots of times when a close up magician is the ideal form of entertainment. Drinks receptions, cocktail hours etc can all be lifted with a top class close up magician roaming and working the room with incredible magic just inches away from your guests.

An incredible close up magician can engage with your guests on a one to one or small groups. For this type of entertainment, you don’t need any stage, lights or sound system. Just provide the guests that need to be entertained, and Alan will do the rest.

A close up magician can perform a 30-45 minute show for everyone (ideal for less than 30 guests), or perform in a walk around style for drinks receptions.

All of the close up magic is performed with small items from the pockets. Or from your guests pockets. They can give him their credit card, room key, cell phone and Alan will create some unique and amazing magic with them, often in their hands too!

Virtual Magician Las Vegas

Virtual Magician Las Vegas

Alan Hudson is one of the worlds top virtual magicians performing online magic and mind reading shows. He’s probably performed more shows than almost anyone else in the world on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc. Companies such as Netflix, Meta, Twitter and even Google and Zoom themselves all regularly hire Alan Hudson’s incredible virtual magic show to entertain and amaze their staff and clients.

The show can last 15, 30 or 45 minutes. You can even learn a simple magic for you to impress and amaze your colleagues.

The Actual Virtual Magic Show can engage and entertain your team online, no matter where they are. Perfect for virtual happy hours, online conferences etc. Alan’s show will blow the socks off!






Magician Las Vegas FAQs

How much is a magician to hire in Las Vegas?

The cost to hire a magician in Las Vegas can vary massively depending on the type of show required, the date, the length. Contact Alan Hudson with a few details so he can get back to you straight away with options and prices.

What type of magic do you perform?

It really depends on the style of show. For stage shows, the magic is often done with lots of comedy and audience participation with volunteers on stage. For walk around close up magic, the magic is usually quick and visual and will involve cards, cell phones and volunteers objects.