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Magician London | Amazing Close Up Magician in London for Hire

Magicians London

Magician London for hire. Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top magicians performing at corporate events in London.

Performing close up and on stage in all the top London venues from Grosvenor House, Claridges, The Criterion, Soho House, Hospital Club, Groucho Club and private parties.

Live and TV performances such as Britain’s Got Talent, ITV’s The Next Great Magician and WINNER on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Millions of people have experienced and been amazed by Alan’s sleight of hand magic.

Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and winner of The Carlton Comedy Award, for outstanding comedy in magic awarded by The Magic Circle in London.


London Magician FOOLS Penn & Teller

Top Magician London on TV! Alan Hudson is one of London’s top magicians. As well as fooling thousands of people at hundreds of corporate and private events all over London, he has now fooled 2 of the best magicians in the world too.

He was flown over to Las Vegas to perform on stage at The Rio Hotel for the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us in front of Penn & Teller themselves.

The premise of the show is simple…. you have to perform a magic trick and see if Penn & Teller can work out how you did it. It’s as simple as that. If they work it out, they tell you how they thought you did it. If they are completely fooled and can’t work out your trick, you win….

Close Up Magician London

Close Up Magician London. Having a brilliant close up magician in London can be one of the best walk around entertainments available to hire for corporate and private events. A top class magician like Alan will make sure all the guests feel special as each performance is unique and tailored for them.

London Magician for hire

This type of magic is perfect for drinks receptions, dinners, rooftop parties and anywhere the guests are mixing and mingling. Close up magic is ideal as an extra addition to the party if the main focus is elsewhere. If you want everyone to watch at the same time and create special shared experience, you will need to ask Alan to perform his stage act.

London Magician for Corporate Events. Alan has been performing as a stage and close up magician in London for more than 20 years. The magic performed can be close up and right under guests noses. The magic is all performed with humour and with familiar items (mobiles phones, rings, playing cards, credit cards etc), many of which are borrowed from guests.

Stage Magician in London

Stage Magician London

Alan Hudson is not only one of the best close up magicians in London, he’s also one of the top stage magicians in London. Appearing at corporate events all over the world and seen on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and The Next Great Magician. His very funny magic and mind reading act has been seen by over 10 million people. The perfect after dinner show.

Stage magician London. The show can last anywhere from 10-45 minutes. Audience participation, magic, comedy and mind reading. Alan will often get volunteers to help with magic. Objects will disappear and appear in strange places and other amazing things will happen. He’ll also read the audiences minds and even reveal someone’s PIN code! The show is fast paced and very funny.

Client Party Magician London

For a successful client party you need to make sure the venue is great (and easy to get to), you have drinks and possibly food too and fantastic entertainment. People get invited to these type of events a lot so making sure you have quality entertainment can really make the difference and people will be glad they turned up.

Alan Hudson has been performing magic at client parties in London for over two decades. He knows exactly when to approach groups (and more important, when to leave a group to chat).

Wedding Magician London

London Magician Hire

Weddings are a fantastic time for magic. It’s interactive and perfect for a broad audience. The magic Alan performs is slick, sophisticated and funny. He’s one of London’s top magicians performing sleight of hand.

Wedding magician London. The best time to hire a magician for your wedding is usually during the photo period. This is great as guests are having drinks and canap├ęs. Alan can mingle around small groups and perform some incredible magic before moving on to the next group. The wedding breakfast is also a great time if you’d like entertainment through the meal (between courses) and before the speeches. If you’d like your evening guests to see Alan perform too, he can perform his magic during the early part of the evening.

London Magician on Britain’s Got Talent

How much is it to hire a Magician in London?

Price depends on the date, the time, location etc. There are so many different factors. For instance you might be booking close up magic or a stage show for everyone. Contact Alan for a free quote, entertainment ideas and his availability.

Do you perform as a Party Magician in London?

Alan performs at hundreds of different events every year. Anything from large corporate events at the biggest venues in London, to the smallest of private parties.

Can you perform a stage show in London?

Alan is one of the top corporate stage comedy magicians in London and the UK. His act is suitable for hundreds of people to enjoy at the same time. Many companies have hired him to perform his after dinner cabaret show to huge success.

Magician London Reviews

Corporate Magician London

All our friends were mesmerised (and traumatised!) by your magic. We absolutely loved it too, of course. A real highlight of our spectacular day! A massive thank you. Chris and Nicola Holmes, London

Your close up magic tricks were nothing short of exceptional and there were many squeals of delight and astonishment throughout the afternoon from our confused, bewildered and thoroughly entertained guests. Really funny too. Alan’s the real deal, highly recommended. Jen Lawrence, London

I’ve seen a few close up magicians at events before but never anything to this level. He should have his own TV show! Thanks again and we’ll definitely be booking Alan again soon. I can’t recommend him highly enough! Steve, Guitar Village, London

Thank you for your fabulous showing at Annabel’s. You were terrific and we really loved having you there. The mind-reading and the bottle through the table! All very popular as was your spontaneous sense of humour. It was all really fantastic and we have been talking about how fun it was since then. It made me feel like a kid again.” Colin, Rhone Group, London

Everyone’s still talking about you, and even my most hardened, rationalist, cynical friends are half-convinced there’s actual sorcery involved. My daughter went to sleep murmuring about her magic fork, and is right now reading a book entitled ‘Illusionology’. Julia Rochester, London


Virtual Magician London

Alan is one of the world’s most popular virtual magicians. The show is live, interactive and 100% mind blowing. The great thing about a virtual show is that it isn’t restricted to London – you can connect guests from all over the world. As a London magician, Alan performs for events in person, but in the virtual world, there is no limit to the number of guests and no travel costs.

Virtual magician London. Connect your guests over Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or WebEx and treat them to one of the most amazing things you can do online. Your colleagues will have their minds read – even more incredible over the internet than in real life. Perfect for Zoom team building meetings.

Virtual Magician London