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Wedding Magician – Incredible Close Up/Table Magician

Alan Hudson: Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician Alan Hudson

Wedding Magician, Alan Hudson – the perfect wedding day entertainment. Close up magic is an ideal way to amaze and entertain your family and friends on your special day to guarantee they remember your day for months to come.

Having a close up wedding magician has become one of the most exciting and popular wedding entertainments in the last few years. And for good reason. Everyone loves a bit of magic! There are 3 main periods that work best when you can hire a table wedding magician.

Magician Wedding

PHOTOGRAPH PERIOD (Wedding Magician option 1)

This is by far the most popular and best option. Often the wedding photographs can take a long time. Alan can entertain your guests (who are usually just waiting to eat at this point) with close up magic as they are having drinks and waiting their turn to be photographed with the happy couple. Sleight of hand magic, with good clean humour, is a really great way to kickstart a day of fun and celebration.

A fantastic wedding magician will get people talking, laughing and having a good time. Groups that don’t know each other will instantly find they have something in common. They haven’t had much alcohol at this stage so walkabout magic is a fantastic way to make them feel like they are under the influence of something! Usual running time – 60/120 minutes

WEDDING BREAKFAST (Wedding Magician option 2)

A top class table magician between courses is a fantastic idea to make the long meal time more entertaining. Alan will entertain each table with some amazing close up magic. All very personal and unique for each group. Each act is different and the humour is geared towards each audience. Especially good if you have some guests sat on tables who don’t know each other. He’ll usually involve as many people as possible on the table, making sure everyone feels involved and opening up flowing conversation when he leaves to entertain the next table. Usual running time – 90/120 minutes.

1 hour of photo period PLUS Wedding  Breakfast (Wedding Magician option 3)

This is a fantastic option, especially if you have quite a lot of guests. If you are only having a few guests, you’d really only want magic during one period. However, if your guest list is growing everyday, having plenty of entertainment going on is a must.

Alan will perform for the last hour of the photo period and then between courses, at the tables. Usual running time – 150/180 minutes.

EVENING RECEPTION (Wedding Magician option 4)

As your evening guests arrive, Alan will mix and mingle with his close up magic skills. It really helps the evening ‘do’ start with style. Evening receptions can sometimes be slow to start. Magic is a great way to start conversations, integrate guests that don’t know each other and give the feeling of a fun night. One thing to mention is that magic is impossible during a loud disco. The magic is best early on and before the first dance if possible.

Usual running time – 90/120 minutes

Wedding Magician for Hire UK

Magicians can be brilliant for weddings, but it’s important you choose the right one for you, your family and your guests. You want someone with plenty of tricks (that’s a given) but also someone with experience who won’t be nervous or perform inappropriate tricks for the Grandparents or for any children that are present. To see what other people have said after witnessing the magic and hiring Alan to come along on their day, go to Alan Hudson Reviews

Price will obviously depend on the date, location and length of performance. For availability and prices on how much Alan is to hire, fill in this form now

Black and White photo by kind permission of Dan Barlow Photography

When is the best time for magic at our wedding?

There are 3 periods that work well. The photo period, the wedding breakfast or as evening guests arrive. Alan will be happy to advice on which would be best for you.

How much is a wedding magician?

The cost really depends on the date, location and length. There are lots of variables so it’s impossible to list all prices. Get in touch with Alan and he’ll be happy to get back to you quickly with availability and cost.