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Alan does magic in West Sussex

Hello blog followers. I know you couldn’t wait a minute longer so here it is. Currently watching the repeat of X-Factor on ITV2 (much better than Dirty Dancing 2  – a call back there for regular readers). Am now in a Premier Travel Inn – decided to treat myself after the Travelodge last night.Tonight I’ve been in Chichester (West Sussex) for Michael Robinson’s 60th Birthday Party and a joint 21st Birthday for Michael’s 3 children. The marque looked great with star cloth ceiling, dance floor and beautiful people. Quite strangely a lot of the guests remembered me from 4 years ago and requested a few tricks that I did then. I hadn’t realized how much my act had developed since then and did have quite a bit of new material for them. There isn’t a magician on this earth who could perform some of the tricks they were asking for – I’ll let you in to a secret….. When people remember a trick to tell their friends they often change the story to make it sound even more incredible (maybe not on purpose – sometimes they just misremember the way it actually happened). If they tell the story enough times the trick gets so impossible that there is no way I could do the trick as explained. Anyway, all went well, everyone laughed and clapped at the right times (mostly) and I had a good time. One more gig tomorrow then a day off. Boom!