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Funniest Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician

Comedy Magician from Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician. As a comedy magician, many people over the years have asked when I was going to be Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve always had plenty of excuses not to. However, this year I thought I’d finally give BGT a go.

In 2020, myself and my wife (who is also an excellent magician) decided to enter with separate acts. This was before we’d decided to form our magic double act.

Normally acts get cut down to just a few minutes but between us they pretty much gave us the full the show so we were really pleased with the final edit.

I decided to perform an original piece of magic that I’ve been performing at corporate events and comedy shows for the last few years. My wife performed a unique act that was especially developed for Britain’s Got Talent involving the judges at the desk.

On the day itself, we had to film interviews all day long and lots of shots of us arriving, leaving, strolling down by the river hand in hand etc. They didn’t use any of these in the final edit. But just be warned, if you ever find yourself in a position to enter BGT… take food with you. It’s my top tip.

The BGT crew are absolutely incredible to work with. They just want to make the best tv show possible. The only thing you can’t rehearse is what the judges are going to say. But that’s the risk of the show. Most of them liked me. Simon wasn’t keen but I heard he was in a bit of a mood that day. But, was still nice to me in the comments (they were cut out too).

Here’s mine and my wife’s clip below. Enjoy

Britain’s Got Talent Comedy Magician Videos

And here is the follow on one from Kat Hudson

There have been many Britain’s Got Talent comedy magicians over the years. A lot of the magic that has been seen on the show is incredible. Some not so much. I ‘m particularly proud of my trick as it was something original that I came up with myself.

The main question people asked me afterward is, what were Ant and Dec like? Well, I’m so pleased to say that they were exactly how you’d hope they would be. Charming, polite, funny. Dec said to me straight after the audition “Simon has got it in to his head that he’s not keen on comedy magicians this year. I don’t know why. If you hadn’t have said you were a comedy magician he’d have loved you”. I did say that he could have told me that before I went on. However, when I came off they did say “You’re like the Lee Mack of magic” – it was worth going just for that!

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