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Digital Magician – 100% Amazing Virtual Digital Magic

Digital magician, Alan Hudson, is one of the most exciting virtual magicians in the world. Alan has taken his amazing magic skills, comedy and years of experience to the digital world with The Actual Virtual Magic Show.

The show is live and interactive. Each show is completely unique as your guests are all unique. The interactions between Alan and your guests are what makes the show exciting and memorable, creating a genuine connection. And that’s the greatest trick of all!

What is a Digital Magician?

Digital Magician Alan Hudson

Digital magician, Alan Hudson performs his amazing magic and mind reading show over any virtual platform (Zoom, Teams, Webex, Meet etc) and interacts with your guests. Someone can think of a word and Alan will read their mind, over the internet. Someone else can think of a playing card and Alan will show that he knew what they were thinking before they did. Unbelievable! He performs some amazing sleight of hand magic too and with the HD cameras, it’s like you are only inches away. It’s the closest you will ever get to this kind of magic. It’s new, amazing and one of the most exciting things you can do on a video call.

The show is live, fully interactive too so it’s best if everyone has their camera on. There are tricks for individuals and tricks that everyone can take part in (if they would like to).

Just having a Zoom chat is no longer exciting on its own. If you want to excite and engage your staff or clients, you really nice something special. We’ve all been on boring calls that seem like they will never end. We absolutely guarantee that The Actual Virtual Magic Show is something that your guests will rave about for weeks.

Who is a Digital Magician suitable for?

Digital Magician Virtual Show

The show has been booked by hundreds of companies for their online events. Either as a stand alone show or entertainment at the end of a presentation. Also, perfect for a Zoom Christmas Party.

Companies such as Google, Cisco, Netflix, LinkedIn, Haribo, Disney, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte, Warner Bros etc have all booked Alan to perform his virtual magic show for their staff or clients.

Bringing people to together in the digital age has never been easier. People from all different countries can come together at the same time and experience things as a group. A digital magician performing and interacting with guests from all over the world is a fantastic way to keep people connected.

Often people book for awards ceremonies, happy hours, online conferences or festivals, product launches, internal get togethers, client events etc.

The show is designed for adults – it’s smart, funny and the magic is mind blowing. However, it’s 100% family friendly so children and more than welcome and enjoy the show too.

Digital Magician – It’s not just digital magic

Many people think that a digital magician will just perform tricks with IPhones, IPads etc. Although these objects are used, it’s actually the combination of digital and physical items that make the magic more impressive. For instance, the magician could ask you to go to YouTube on your phone and think of any song. If the magician shows that he knew by showing it on his phone – you’d think that maybe there was something tech tricky going on. However, if the actual LP Album cover had actually been behind Alan the whole time, there is one explanation, magic!

A fantastic digital magician will make sure that magic is still really impressive and it can’t just be down to the fact that technology is being used. Another example is maybe you’re asked to go to a big website with lots of articles on it and then think of any article or word. Alan can then read your mind and tell you what word you are merely thinking of. Incredible!

Digital Magician Trailer

Digital Magician Online Magic Show

Obviously we can describe how a digital magician can interact with your guests over a video call. But the best way is to see it for yourself. Have a look at this snappy little trailer which shows exactly the type of thing you can expect.

If you’d like to set up a quick call with Alan for chat and to see a trick, contact here.


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How many people is the experience for?

The great news is, a digital magician can perform for 1000’s of people at the same time and everyone has a fantastic view. No cheap seats at the back!

Can you join our link or do we use yours?

Either is great. We can set up the link for you to share with your guests or we can join your call at the right time to fit in with your event.

How do I book a Digital Magician?

To find out availability, cost etc please contact here and use the quick and easy form. It takes less than a minute and someone will get back to you the same day.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes – lots! Have a look at the reviews page (link in menu) from people that have experienced a digital magician. They are all 100% genuine

How much does a Digital Magician cost?

The cost varies massively on lots of factors – date, length, amount of customisation involved, rehearsals etc. Please contact Digital Magician for some info and prices.

Digital Magician Zoom