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Famous Magicians

Famous magicians. There are a lot of them. Not as many as actors, singers or comedians maybe but there are hundreds of famous magicians who have all changed the face of magic. Most magicians, when they become famous, usually spawn hundreds of younger magicians who all want to be them. You can often tell which magician someone used to watch most when they were younger by the style they have now adopted.

Famous Magician, Paul Daniels

For me it was Paul Daniels. Paul was the most famous magician in the UK when I was growing up and on TV every Saturday night. His shows would average around 15 million people each week. That means around 1 in 4 people would tune in each week to watch Paul and his his assistant, the lovely Debbie McGee perform. His main schtick was comedy magic, so no surprise that when I looked for inspiration as to what type of magician I would become, I followed suit.

Paul Daniels wasn’t the only famous magician on TV, but he was certainly the biggest in the UK. ITV had their own magician, Wayne Dobson who I also loved. Wayne was younger, fresher and had Linda Lusardi (a page 3 model) as his assistant. Wayne also performed comedy magic so I was no doubt hugely influenced by him too.

However, there wasn’t just Paul and Wayne. As I said, there were a lot. Here’s a list of some famous magician that I used to watch on TV as a child who I loved.

Famous Magicians USA

David Copperfield. David was, and probably still is, the most famous magician in the world. From performing huge scale illusions on stage to even bigger illusions outside (making the Statue of Liberty disappear or walking through the Great Wall of China) he influenced most of the people you see now performing bigger illusions on stage.

David’s show in Las Vegas is still incredible with amazing magic. I doubt we will ever see another magician in my lifetime as famous as David Copperfield.

It’s still incredible. Watch this…

The key bits here are, it was done in front of a live audience that would have been fooled by the magic. It was not simply a camera trick. I think staging of it, with the helicopter going over it, the music is outstanding. Obviously it looks a bit dated now, but at the time it all looked very modern. I’m pretty sure if David Copperfield did this trick today, he would probably use a similar method too. This has gone down in history as one of the most famous illusions of all time. I certainly thin it’s one of the best.

Doug Henning. Like David Copperfield, Doug Henning usually did stage illusions but the style was completely different. Doug had more of a hippy vibe going on with bright, colourful clothing. Instead of dancing with a woman to some moody music, Doug would be jumping around the stage like someone from San Francisco in the Summer of 69. I absolutely loved Doug Henning. Unique and something I’ve not really seen since. He also had the best ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night illusion routine I’ve ever seen.

Penn & Teller. These guys came along a little later and, like all the best famous magicians, broke the mould again and brought something new to the party. They advertised themselves as the ‘bad boys of magic’, revealing how the tricks were done and brought an anarchic style. Tricks such as getting run over by a huge lorry and then showing how the tyres were made of sponge and one side of the lorry was weighted. Even when you knew how the tricks were done didn’t make it any less enjoyable or amazing to watch.

Famous Magicians

When Penn & Teller started their show Fool Us were you had to go on to try and fool 2 of the most famous and best magicians in the world, I was first in line. You can see my attempt on my video page.

David Blaine. In a twist to all the TV stage magicians, Blaine brought magic to the streets. No big boxes or flashy assistants, David performed card tricks, coin magic and other small illusions to normal people on the streets rather than in a studio. Also, his shows focused more on the reaction of the person he was doing the trick with rather than the trick itself. No funny lines or comedy asides, it was all about showing a piece of magic and waiting for the person to respond. Sounds simple and straight forward, but back in 1997, this was revolutionary and changed the face of magic on TV.

Lance Burton. Lance was the classic magician. I say was, he’s still alive as I write this but he has retired. Lance was the type of magician you’d expect to see. Top hat, tails and making doves appear. He just did it better than anyone else. Unusually for this type of magician, he was also good talker. Often a ‘silent act’ magician has a 10 minute act and nothing much more than that. Lance Burton was also brilliant at talking on stage which is what led to his show in Las Vegas being once of the most successful magic shows of all time.

Famous Magicians UK

As well as the ones mentioned above, in the UK we have some famous magicians who are not only well known here, but also worldwide.

Dynamo made it big on TV and is probably most famous for walking on the river Thames and putting a borrowed mobile phone in a bottle. He went on to huge success and even performed a huge arena tour, performing to thousands of people each night. After the walking on water trick, he made headline news the day after he did it all across the UK.

Derren Brown is probably the greatest mind reader of all time. He is without doubt the greatest living mind reading performer. When Derren first hit our TV screens he too changed magic forever. Even magicians who wouldn’t have gone near mind reading type tricks before are now adding psychology in to their mental magic and trying to emulate what we saw him do on TV. Me included.

The Great Soprendo. Real name Geoffrey Durham, The Great Soprendo used to be on TV all the time when I was growing up. A rather camp, Spanish character who would appear on TV shows like Crackerjack. I always liked him as he gave the illusion that he was just messing around, but would actually perform some incredible magic.

Tommy Cooper. Although most people thought he was a brilliant magician pretending to be bad, Tommy wasn’t really a great magician. By all accounts, he was as bad as he appeared to be. However, he is probably one of the funniest performers ever so deserves to be in this list of famous magicians.

More Famous Magicians

I’ll add to this list when I can so to make it a great resource…

Siegfried and Roy. The pioneers of the Las Vegas magic show. Well known for performing with tigers and other animals. Siegfried and Roy were over the top and the epitome of the 70’s style, showbiz magician that is caricatured today in films and TV. However, this didn’t make them any less brilliant. They were the absolute masters of the grand scale illusion spectacular. I saw their show in Vegas in the early 90’s and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any other show like it since. They will probably remain the most famous magicians in the history of Las Vegas.