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I don’t like to talk about it

I get asked to do a lot of charity events and unfortunately I can’t do them all – I say unfortunately, it’s unfortunate that I don’t want to do them. I’m full time and I have to make a living and most charity events are on evenings. I get endless emails asking if I can just spend ‘a few hours’ of my time to do my stuff. Well, a few hours is actually a full evening – most events start between 7pm-8pm so it’s almost impossible to get to another event. If I did all the ones I get asked for – they’d have to set up a new charity for a starving magician.

However, I’ve just come back from a great event from Variety Club of Great Britain. To coincide with 9/11 (today) a load of celebs and other entertainers went to the BGC in London and supported a whole host of charities from the Trade floor. Lots of shouting, energy and sweating – and that was just me.

Jonathan Ross, Alex Ferguson, Donal Macintyre, Anneka Rice, Carol Vorderman, Kate Adie, Natalie Cassidy, some people from The Apprentice and a whole host of other people I didn’t know were there. It was great fun – and on  Friday morning so it didn’t interfere with anything else. They raised around £90,000 last year and hope to do better this year.

I’ll try and get some pics up soon.