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Fantastic Local Magician Near Me

Hire a Local MagicianI’ve noticed many people, when searching for a magician, are often looking for a local magician. This might make sense to some (ie local = cheaper right?). But it’s not necessarily the best way to hire a magician for your event. Let me explain why.

Often people do a search for ‘A local magician near me’. You might think that if you get a local magician, you are getting a cheap magician. And yes, you probably are. But it does mean it’s the best magician for you. After all, you usually only book a magician for a special event like a wedding, milestone birthday party, corporate dinner etc. It’s certainly not an inconvenience. It’s a luxury to make your event extra special and more memorable.

If you are looking for a tradesman on a site like Checkatrade you often look for someone local as you don’t want to book someone who has to travel for 2 hours and charge you for it. Especially when there are probably dozens of local people who can do the job exactly the same. And that’s great if you have a leaky pipe or need a wall building. As long as the person fixes the problem, it doesn’t matter too much who does it.

Amazing Local Magician Near Me

The difference with magicians is that we are all unique. You really want the one who will be brilliant at magic, look great, fit in with your guests, be professional, have the right amount of experience to deal with problems that may arise, be flexible. Unlike booking a tradesman, the chances are that the perfect magician for you unfortunately does live next door to you or even near you. However, the good news is that magicians are prepared to travel a lot. It’s part of the job.

A magician with the right skills might get booked all over the world. The people booking a magician to perform in a different country could of course get someone nearer. The reason they book someone who lives in another country is because they can’t get someone local who has the same personality, act and experience.

Magicians that only work locally are often not the best magicians. Nearly all the best magicians travel. It’s part of the job. In fact, you only really know you are a great magician when you start getting asked to perform in other places. That way, you know people want to book you because you’re excellent – not just because you are local.

Price is an issue of course. People will assume that local is cheaper. If you are booking a magician just because he or she is cheap, then maybe that isn’t really the right choice for your special event. No one hires the venue because it’s the cheapest available. No one buys the outfit/dress because it’s local and the cheapest either.

So, next time you want to book a magician, ask yourself this. Do you want a ‘local magician near me’ or the right magician?