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London Calling

In this incredibly hot weather, magic can be a bit harder, and sweatier. Especially considering that I wear a jacket at all times. So, it’s nice when someone emails to let me know my efforts were appreciated at a party I performed at Shampers Wine Bar on Kingly Street in London….

Hi Alan,

My apologies for the delay in sending this thank you. It has been a busy two days since Sunday.

A huge thank you for your professionalism, skill, talent and quality of your performance of close up magic for my guests at my birthday party. From initial contact you have made the process very easy.

The comments from my guests have been nothing but ones of astonishment, respect, awe and laughter. Many comments of, ‘I have seen other close up magicians before and they don’t come anywhere near as good as Alan!’ But I’m sure you know that. You were part of making my 60th birthday party such a success.

My Barber Shop was two doors away from the wine bar and most of my clients are professional corporates. We have been spreading the word the last two days. Who knows? Hope we will be able to make more contacts for you.

It was very strange, this man who I had never met arriving, doing his bit and then just as magically disappeared from a day that was such fun and special for me. We really had no time to say hello or goodbye or who are you!! All I could say was, ‘Never met him before!’

You were brilliant! A huge thank you!

Best Wishes,

Sue Brady