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London Table Magicians at Grosvenor House

Table MagiciansWhat do you call a group of magicians? Sounds like a joke, but there isn’t a punchline. In fact, where do you even get a group of magicians from?

Over the years I’ve been asked many times if I can bring a colleague or recommend another magician for large events. Usually a magician can get around about 100 people in an evening (or 10 tables). Corporate events can be quite big sometimes so I have been asked to suggest other table magicians. That’s where the idea of www.tablemagicians.co.uk came from. An easy way for corporate bookers to book a group of magicians through one place.Table Magicians London

This is exactly what Fullers did for their 170th Anniversary Dinner recently. Grosvenor House in London is the largest function room in London. They only had about 1000 people in there but it can fit many more. www.tablemagicians.co.uk were asked to provide a team of magicians to make sure all table got a visit from a professional close up magician.

The team did a fantastic job and managed to get around 1000 people with approximately 200 card tricks, 10 bottles pushed through tables, 300 minds read, 300 bit of magazine changed in to £20 notes and 1000 minds blown with good, strong conjuring and entertainment.

If you are planning a large event, get in touch and we’ll organise and co-ordinate your very own crack team of table magicians¬†to make your event amazing.