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Magic in Birmingham

For some reason I’m in Birmingham a lot this December – it’s not a bad thing. Often I’m all over the place during X-Mas party period but for whatever reason the good brummies of Birmingham have all got together and decided I’m their man.Last night I did the first of many at the Oceana Night Club (in Birmingham City centre) for students from the University of Birmingham. The room looked really good and the audience were great. Although I have noticed that students are gettting younger – along with Poilceman, Fireman etc etc. It’s an old observation but a true one. Students are still a great audience though – they haven’t been hardened from life yet or been to too many company dinners. Last night, everyone was in good spirits and a great time was had by all. I’ve just had a quick email from Stephanie – the lady that booked me for last nights event.”Just a quick email to say thank you for an absolutely outstanding performance, none of us have seen magic like that, you thoroughly astounded us!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed your magic! Thank you very much” Stephanie Taylor, University of Birmingham