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Magician in Edinburgh

Just the Tonic, Edinburgh, 2013I’m very excited to announce my brand new comedy magic show, Alan Hudson: Magician or Superhero? will be premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. The Edinburgh Festival is the largest arts festival in the world and it’s a real honour to be performing in The Caves at Just The Tonic. Here’s the blurb…

Being a superhero can be a burden. But not if you don’t use your powers to do mundane tasks like rescuing babies from burning buildings, saving the world etc. Having amazing powers like super strength, X-ray vision and lightning fast speed can be fantastic fun if you use them wisely … i.e. for financial gain and impressing women. Expect funnies, powers that look like magic and audience participation. ‘Hudson is an astounding comic, magician and mind reader‘ **** (ThreeWeeks). ‘Hudson performs each set piece with élan‘ **** (Metro).

Tickets have gone on sale, so if you are looking for a magician in Edinburgh to see this August, click here