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Magic Lesson and Magician Workshop

Magic workshop and magic lesson

I get countless emails asking if I give a magic workshop, magic lesson or teach magic. Although I don’t usually give one on one magic lessons, I have done it a few the past for a few of my regular clients and they have been fun. I always think if anyone is a serious student of magic, it’s best to learn on your own first. I learnt from books (which is still probably the best way), but there are countless online places these days. It’s never been easier to learn magic. You can also buy magic off the internet, there are lots of easy magic tricks for sale.

However, I do present magic workshops. It’s something that works brilliantly for corporate team building days. This is usually best when everyone is split in to smaller groups.

It’s more classed as a magic workshop rather than a magic lesson. A lesson is often the first of many. A workshop is a one off than gives everyone a hands on experience.

Magic workshop for team building

Everyone loves magic and it’s great fun to learn a magic trick. Also, there’s more than just the trick itself to learn. Any good piece of magic really relies in the presentation. Also, understanding the psychology as to why the trick works and fools people in the first place.

A magic lesson will normally start by me presenting some of my A-list material – this helps establish myself as (hopefully) a brilliant magician. I’ll perform some amazing magic and mind reading. Then at the end I announce that I’m going to teach one of the magic tricks from the set. This is one that has been approved by The Magic Circle (otherwise I could get thrown out!) but is still a great magic trick.

Everything everyone will need is provided by me so participants don’t even have to know in advance about what they are going to learn. At the end of it I guarantee that everyone will have had a) had great fun and b) learnt an amazing magic trick.

When I was on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, the idea was you had to perform a magic trick that would fool Penn & Teller (as the title might suggest). I’m not suggesting that people will be able to go on TV with their new magic trick (it probably wouldn’t fool the Las Vegas duo – they know everything) or become a professional magician, but they will go away with a new appreciation on the art of magic and a magic trick in their armoury should they need it.

Often groups of up to 20 work best but it is possible to more in one go. Do get in touch and we can discuss how this would work best for your day.

What do we need for a magic lesson?

Alan will provide all the props. Usually simple things like a deck of cards, pen, paper etc

What’s the best number for a magic lesson?

To keep the workshop interactive and hands on, a small group is better. Ideally, less than 20 in any one go.