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Magician Midlands – Amazing Close Up Magician

Magician Midlands

Magician Midlands. As a magician, I perform all over the UK (and the world). I’ve based myself in the Midlands as this seems the best place to be. Many think it might be London (I did too for a while) but now I have realised that the Midlands is the perfect place for a magician to live. I’ll explain.

I originally started my close up magician career in Hull. When I was in my early 20’s I would think nothing of driving for hours to gigs in the Midlands to places like Nottingham, Northampton, Milton Keynes or even further down to London or the Home Counties for gigs. This was before sat nav, so I had no idea how long the drive would take or if there were any hold ups (the radio would do traffic announcements but in my experience were very difficult to understand and unreliable). If for instance it was a 2 hour drive to the job, I would usually set off at least 5 hours in advance. Then, I would drive home after the gig. This would take longer than expected as they often close motorways for repairs after 10pm. I didn’t mind this when I was in my 20’s. As I got a bit older, the drives started to get a bit harder and more tiring.

Wedding Magician Midlands

Magician Midlands - Close Up Magician

Weddings are one of my favourite places to perform. Everyone is usually in a good mood already. My skills come in during the wedding breakfast, photo period or during the evening reception. Sometimes you can have guests that just stick to their own groups. I find that magic brings people together, laughing and clapping. I love being able to spot a few people who don’t know each other and bring them together for a few moments of magic. When I leave, they’ve instantly got a talking point. It’s more than just tricks!

Magician Midlands for Hire

I worked out that, that as a Midlands magician I was in the perfect place for most of the corporate events that take place in the UK. Not all. Obviously London still has it’s fair share and some are in any given town or city around the UK. But most seem to happen in the Midlands. I suspect that this is because many companies are nationwide and the Midlands is a central location for everyone.

Also, the Midlands has lots of fantastic venues. Places like the NEC, National Motorcycle Museum as well as hundreds of nice hotels. The hotels are often a lot cheaper than they would be in London too, so I guess this is another selling point.

As a magician, I drive around 20K – 25K miles a year. When I lived in Hull, it was more like 45K. That’s a lot of miles for anyone. I imagine only equalled by long distance lorry drivers and travelling salesmen.

I still enjoy driving to gigs. It’s a great time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. But I do prefer not driving quite the distance I used to before living in the Midlands.

So, if you’re planning a corporate event, party or wedding in the Midlands, please get in touch. I love a local one 🙂

How do I hire a Midlands magician?

The first things you’ll need are your date and venue. Once you have them in place, contact Alan Hudson who will be able to give you his availability, entertainment ideas and cost.

Do you perform at house parties in the Midlands?

Alan performs at many type of events. Sometimes large corporate events, TV shows and small house parties. Every show is completely unique. House parties are great fun and usually perfect for close up magic.

How much a magician to hire in the Midlands?

The cost depend on many factors such as the date, the type of event, the length of entertainment required etc