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All magician questions ever asked – a guide to magic in question form.

Magicians Questions and Answers by Alan Hudson

Magician questions – every question that Alan has ever been asked and some more that he hasn’t. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. It’s probably impossible to answer all the magician questions ever asked but it’s worth having a lofty goal.

Alan Hudson has over 30 years of magical experience so will try to pass some of that knowledge on. Questions about The Magic Circle, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and other more general questions about magic will be answered below.

This post will be regularly updated with all the magician questions and answers to anything magic related. If you have any magician questions that Alan can answer, please contact him here.

Top magician questions….

What is The Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle is a members club for amateur, semi pro and professional magicians. It usually has around 1500 members and is based in Euston, London. To gain membership you must do an interview and audition to show you are of a high standard.

Who is the best magician in the world?

Best is always subjective. Most magicians have different skill sets. For instance, one might be better at tricks with cards and another might be a better stage magician. David Copperfield would be at the top of most magicians list as the best of all time.

How much do magicians earn?

In the UK, professional magicians tend to charge between £400 – £1000 per event. Obviously it depends on how many gigs they do and how popular they are. It can vary between £20,000 to £100,000 for most professional magicians. Some of the TV magicians are millionaires.

What and where is The Magic Castle?

The Magic Castle is a members club based on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, California. They hire the best magicians to perform either close up magic or stage magic through the evening. If you eat there you get priority entrance to the main stage show so that’s definitely worth doing.

To get entry, you must be a member or a guest of a member. Alternatively, if you stay next door at The Magic Hotel you will get entry for the night you are staying. There is also a strict dress code so make sure you check their website.

How do you become a professional magician?

The route is different for almost everyone. There isn’t a college or university course. Most magicians tend to start with an amateur interest and treat is as a hobby. As they get deeper in to the art, they start performing for family and friends. Some then take it up semi professionally and get bookings at local birthday parties. If bookings start flooding in, a very small percentage then decide to be a professional magician.

Is magic real?

Magicians use sleight of hand, misdirection, gimmicks and timing to make it look like it’s real magic. However, there has been no proof yet that real magic actually exists.

I’m going to Las Vegas. What magic shows should I see?

There are many magic shows in Las Vegas and they are changing all the time. Most magicians would agree that the best daytime show is Mac King. A very funny comedy magician. For an evening show, David Copperfield has the best magic show. A full spectacular show with illusions and the appearance of Blu the Alien.

Can I book a magician to come to my house?

Most magicians perform at different venues. Everywhere from large corporate events to intimate house parties. Look on the individual magician’s website to see if they offer house party visits. If they don’t say they do on their site, it’s worth emailing them as they probably do but might just not have mentioned it specifically.

Who is the greatest mind reader of all time?

Best is always subjective. However, if you ask any magician or mind reader the answer would probably be Derren Brown. He’s been performing on TV for more than 20 years and has toured relentlessly in the UK and had a run on Broadway.

Why don’t magicians reveal their secrets?

Part of the fun with magic is the mystery. If you knew how the trick was done, you could still enjoy it but on a different level. Many magicians enjoy to watch magic but they are looking for technique, presentation, originality etc. If you want to enjoy magic in it’s purest form, it’s best not to ask them how it’s done. And hopefully they won’t tell you even if you do.

How much do magicians charge for events?

This answer is so vast that it’s almost impossible to answer. For instance, semi pros often charge less than professionals. Children’s party magicians charge less than Illusionists performing a big stage show. The cost can be from nothing to thousands of pounds.

How much do close up magicians charge in the UK?

As a general rule, UK close up magicians will charge anything from £400 – £1500. However, this could change depending on the date, how long you’d like them for, the location and whether or not you’d like them to come up some bespoke tricks for your event.

Who is the most famous magician?

Harry Houdini is the most famous magician of all time. Most famous for being an escapologist, but was a famous magician when he was performing in the early 1900s.

The most famous living magician is David Copperfield who currently has a show in Las Vegas at the MGM.

What is a Zoom Magic show?

It’s an interactive magic show that is performed over the conferencing app Zoom. The magic is performed live over the internet so the audience are involved the whole time.

Why aren’t there any female magicians?

A lot of people think there aren’t any/many because there isn’t a famous one on TV all the time. But like other things like comedy, female magicians are starting to make waves and break through. There are around 70 female magicians in The Magic Circle

What is sleight of hand?

Sleight of hand is when the magician manipulates an object to make it appear like magic has happened. Not all magic is sleight of hand (although some people think it is). Sleight of hand is usually quite tricky to perform and requires a lot of practise from the magician, for instance producing fans of cards at the fingertips.

How much does a magician earn per year?

All magicians are different so earn different amounts. It’s a bit like asking how much a singer earns. A pub singer will be on a very different wage to Elton John. And there are many levels of magician. Some perform children’s parties, or close up magic in restaurants. Others perform mainly virtual magic shows or corporate events on stage.

How much is a virtual magic show?

Magicians perform magic shows on Zoom for different fees. In my experience the fees can be anyway from a few hundred pounds/dollars to thousands.

How do mentalists read minds?

Mentalists generally use lots of different methods so there is no exact answer. Mentalists are usually magicians so use magic techniques to make it look like they are reading minds.

Can I buy magic tricks?

If you are a beginner and would like to find some magic tricks to buy, I’ve tried to compile a good list of starter tricks. Click here for magic tricks for sale.

Alan Hudson is a professional magician based in the UK. He’s a member of The Magic Circle and a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. He’s been a professional magician for over 30 years and appeared on ITV’s The Next Great Magician.

If you have anymore magician questions that you want answering and think should be here, please get in touch