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Magicians on television

Recently I got asked to be on Living TV’s Four Weddings. I was already booked to appear at the wedding and Lyndsey (the bride to be) rang me to ask if I would mind been filmed. I explained the reasons why and said I did mind – and she was really nice about it and said it wasn’t a problem. The day of the wedding came and I had a great time. The guests were in good spirits and I was going down as well as I can.

After wards the film crew came up and asked if they could use the footage. I said no. Here’s the problem with these type of shows. They can edit it anyway they like – for instance, at some point I get a card chosen and then reveal the incorrect card. This is then magically changed to the right card. It’s a great trick. But if for the narrative of the show they want to portray me as been terrible, they could just edit the last bit out and show a reaction of disappointment from one of the spectators. As I have no control over the editing, and I’m aware of how these programmes work, I’m still pleased I declined to be on it.

I also got asked if I would mind my act been filmed for a new show with Louie Spence – for the same reason I also declined.

There are a couple of new shows coming early next year on the television. The first is a show called Magicians on BBC 1 (not sure if that will be the end title). 3 magicians will team up with celebrities and perform an illusion – a vote will be involved and the loser will have to do a forfeit of some kind. Sounds shit to me (although would still have liked to be asked to audition) but at least they will make it and want the magic to be performed in the best possible way and make sure the reactions are as good as possible.

Another show is with the excellent mind reader Phillip Escoffey. Phillip came to see a couple of shows that I’ve been in and I’ve been to see his. He’s excellent and about the only mind reader at the moment that isn’t trying to be Derren Brown. Phillip’s show is to take part as a game show – with contestants having to work out whether he can do the impossible or not. Sounds good – could be great.

Anyway, it’s all good for magic been back on the television