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No one puts Baby in the corner

Well blog fans, it’s time for me to do this seriously. I’m currently watching Dirty Dancing 2 in my luxurious Travelodge room in Reading – which reminds me, I had an email recently saying “I bet your talent takes you to some great places” – if only he knew. Tonight I was at the Forest Hotel in Dorridge, Solihull for a birthday party for a guy called John. The party was lovely and the magic seemed to go down well. John asked me if I could do a special trick for his friends who play Bridge. I don’t normally like to do bespoke magic as it’s always weaker than the material I would normally do. However, I got a pack of cards shuffled and the deck was then dealt in to 4 piles (one for each of the players). The other 3 players looked at their hands. When I showed I had Ace, King, Queen of each suit (and a Jack of Spades for good measure – the perfect hand) – it got a terrific reaction. I then had several invites to be permanent Bridge partners. I still say my other material is better though.

Tomorrow I’m in Chichester. It’s a re-booking from about 4 years ago – thank god they probably won’t remember that most of the tricks will be the same (at least I hope they don’t). I’ll let you blog fans know what happens.

In case your wondering, Dirty Dancing 2 is awful