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One way for Caerdydd (Cardiff)

I now realize the problems with blogs. The blogger (that’s me) feels a certain duty to his readers (reader) to come up with something interesting to blog about and if nothing interesting has happened for a few days then it gets quite tricky. However, I’m not going to fall in to that trap. I’ve decided to try to blog regularly regardless of anything good to say or not. So, some of these will contain nothing and some will be gold. ¬†This weekend I was working in Cardiff for a construction company at the Marriot hotel. Cardiff has an incredible one way system that got my Sat Nav in to a right tizzy. Almost all of the roads seem to be for buses only. My Sat Nav is a be a bit of a rebel and was challenging me to go down these roads. I resisted and annoyed it by going about 2 miles round the other way – only for it to challenge me go down a No Entry street. I won in the end.

The next day I was at a couple weddings – one in Cambridge and one in Ware, Hertfordshire. Both good fun and nice people and I enjoyed them both (I know I enjoy a gig when I start to do ‘jazz magic’ – that’s creating magic on the hoof with objects nearby) but as I mentioned earlier, nothing out of the ordinary as far as our intrepid magician goes so writing anything about them would be contrived. Tomorrow I’m in Oxford, I may purposefully mess up or something just to have something to blog about. ¬†Going to have my tea now – till next time…