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Virtual Online Magic Show | Amazing Interactive Virtual Zoom Magician

Virtual Online Magic Show


The Actual Virtual Magic Show is an incredible virtual magic show for you and your colleagues during team meetings or family and friends for special get togethers. The show usually lasts for 30 minutes (can be 15 mins, 30 mins or 45 mins as required). Performing in USA, Europe, UK and all over the world.

Amazing and interactive online magic show for team meetings, conferences, online festivals, weekly/month meet ups and happy hour, award evenings, Xmas parties and private celebrations.

Guests will get their mind read. You’ll see some crazy magic (that YOU help to make happen) and everyone gets the best seat in the house! It’s all done live and virtually, via Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or WebEx. A completely unique experience from one of the world’s top virtual magicians. It’s magic, mind reading and lots of fun.

★★★★★ Britain’s Got Talent ★★★★★

★★★★★ ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross ★★★★★

★★★★★ From ITV’s The Next Great Magician with Stephen Mulhern ★★★★★

★★★★★ Carlton Comedy Award Winner 2019 – The Magic Circle, London  ★★★★★

★★★★★ The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California, USA ★★★★★

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How does a virtual online magic show work?

It’s all really straight forward. We decide on the platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, BlueJeans, Hopin, StarLeaf etc) and date and time to suit (Zoom is best whenever possible).

A big part of the fun with magic and mind reading is seeing others react too. The brilliant thing about the Zoom magic show is that it’s fully interactive. Your guests and colleagues get to take part in the magic. You’re not just watching Alan perform – you see your group interacting and reacting to the magic and mind reading too. It really is amazing and the best fun you can have on Zoom!

The best length for the Zoom magic show is 30 mins (this can be 15 mins or up to 45 mins) and has some fantastic magic and mind reading that is all interactive with your guests to keep everyone engaged. Anyone can get chosen at anytime

Alan can create the Zoom link for you to share with your guests or he can join your call at the right time. Just introduce him and he’ll do the rest.

What will you do in the online magic show?

Virtual Magic Show Online on Zoom

You can just think of a word/picture/number and Alan will tell you what you are thinking of. All performed in an absolutely jaw dropping amazing (and funny) way. Alan also performs some impossible card tricks (all updated to perform in a virtual magic show) and other sleight of hand magic that is all unique and interactive.

The Actual Virtual Magic Show has been designed specially for online conferencing calls. The show is written and produced with Zoom in mind (also works on other video calling software such as Microsoft Teams, Meet, WebEx, BlueJeans, Hopin etc). The idea being that instead of just watching a show, you get to take part in the show and have your mind read. It’s really incredible!

Who is the virtual magician show suitable for?

The Virtual Magician

It’s 100% family and corporate friendly. The show is perfect for team meetings, happy hours, work meetings and celebrations such as Christmas Parties. Some people are just having it as a fun thing to do on an evening. Having a Zoom magician is a fantastic way to spice up your call.

The Actual Virtual Magic Show is a live, interactive online magic show. The magic is super smart, sophisticated and funny.

Alan has currently performed this show for company events and parties in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, Chile and all over Europe. In one week he performed for people in Toronto, San Francisco, Sydney, Chicago, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington and New York!

In the last few months Alan has performed his show to rave reviews for Netflix, Google, Disney, Meta, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Deloitte, Microsoft, Amazon, Novo Nordisk, Okta, Roblox, Warner Bros, Haribo along with dozens of other companies, clubs and groups.

Alan Hudson – The Virtual Magician

Zoom Magician

Virtual Zoom Magician, Alan Hudson is one of the virtual world’s top magicians. He’s performed over 1500 shows online, is amazing and funny too.

TV appearances on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, ITV’s The Next Great Magician. Seen by over 10 million people on TV and online.

Alan has performed as a virtual magician for hundreds of events online and, in real life, is regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. He amazes and entertains at top corporate events and private parties all over the world.

He is also a member of the world famous The Magic Circle. In fact, he’s actually a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. The highest position you can achieve. Less than 250 magicians in the world hold this position.

★★★★★ “We LOVED your act!” Penn & Teller ★★★★★

★★★★★ “Hilarious. A very funny man” Stephen Mulhern ★★★★★

★★★★★ “Fantastic!” Jonathan Ross ★★★★★

★★★★★ “You’re like the Lee Mack of magic” Ant & Dec  ★★★★★

★★★★★ “You’re a very funny man and the tricks are great!” David Walliams ★★★★★

★★★★★ “Naturally very funny, very clever and very entertaining” Alesha Dixon ★★★★★

Virtual magician show

★★★★★ The Actual Virtual Magic Show Reviews ★★★★★

“ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC EVENT – completely surpassed all of our expectations. Have already recommended to my fellow colleagues!” – Deloitte Director, UK

“Wow! Thank you. That was amazing Alan and so much fun. I recommend everyone get together for a show. EVERYONE!” John Gilbert, Eskimo Soup

“Alan’s virtual show was exceptional. I was looking for a magic show that had the whole production and a show that flowed seamlessly. He engaged every person on the zoom, made it personal to our group with individual participation, effects and back drop to set the stage (like you’re at a real show) and added comedy to tie the show together. Alan is also super response via email and makes sure you’re both on the same page for an event. I’ve already recommended him to other departments within the company and would recommend him to anyone that ask for a virtual event.” – Nicola Norris, Thumbtack

“Alan wowed everyone on our corporate virtual event held on Hopin. Really funny and entertaining show that had everyone involved laughing. The show was done very professionally with music and sounds effects. Can recommend massively!” Katie Marshall, Adva

“What an astounding show. Really terrific. Many thanks. You are truly a genius.” Scott McDonald, CEO Oliver Wyman
“An extremely well organised set-up, felt like I was watching TV. I don’t know how he (Alan) did it. Very impressive indeed.”- Deloitte Manager, UK

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How do I hire a Zoom magic show?

To book The Actual Virtual Magic Show, simply contact Virtual Magician, we can arrange a mutual date and time. We’ll schedule a show link for you to share with guests or Alan can jump on to your call at the right time.

Is it just Zoom or can it be Microsoft Teams/WebEx/Google Meet/BlueJeans?

Zoom is definitely the best medium for the virtual magic show (it’s got an extra couple of features like multi spotlighting and works perfectly with a virtual camera, music etc for the best experience). However, it’s also possible to use Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx etc. For an online magic show, the main thing is you can all see, hear and interact with Alan.

Who is the online magic show suitable for?

Alan Hudson’s Zoom virtual magic show is 100% family friendly. Everyone loves a bit of magic!

How many people can I have on the call?

As many as you like. The pro Zoom package we have allows for 1000 devices. It’s been performed for 10 people and up to 1000 – the feedback from both ends of the spectrum has been phenomenal. There isn’t an optimal number of guests. It works brilliantly no matter how many you have on the call. Everyone feels involved and everyone has a fantastic seat.

How much does a virtual magic show cost to hire?

It depends on whether it’s private or corporate show, date and time, how many are watching the show, length of show, rehearsal needed, special bespoke tricks etc.

Get in touch and give us as many details as possible so we can reply straight away with availability and price.

Do we need to give you a list of people for you to choose for the show?

Not at all – people are chosen completely at random during the show. Sometimes people in the show actually choose the next person to help, which keeps it fast, fun and spontaneous.

Of course, if it’s someone’s birthday or you’d particularly like to see the CEO have their mind read by a virtual magician…. let Alan know and he can make sure to include them in the show.

How can we pay?

Payment can be through a regular invoice for a bank/wire transfer or with an online link to pay on debit/credit card (including Amex). The invoice can also be in any currency of your choice. Just let us know which is best for you.

How long does a virtual magic show last?

The standard show is 30 minutes long. However, there is also the option to go for the extended version of the 45 minute show. This involves everyone learning a simple trick that they can use on their own Zoom calls and also a trick that happens in everyone’s home.

Some companies have the show at the end of a sales meeting as a way to finish with something lighter, so for these we also offer a shorter 15 minute version.

Do you perform in the USA?

Of course! Alan is one of the world’s busiest and most popular virtual magicians. He performs in all different countries across all the different timezones. As well as USA, Alan performs shows regularly in UK, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Germany, India – all over the world.

And, at the moment, there isn’t a VAT charge for these type of performances outside of the UK. Almost half of Alan’s shows are for audiences and companies in the US. He regularly perform for a whole host of companies from West Coast to East Coast at all times of the day.

What is the difference between the 30 minute and the 45 minute virtual magic show?

The 30 minute and 45 minute shows are similar in content. The longer show​ has all of the 30 minute show, plus a few more interactive tricks, and also​ includes teaching a trick that everyone can do on their own video chats for family and friends​.​ ​Also ​an amazing piece of magic that will happen in everyone’s home​ (everyone will need a mobile/cell phone).​

Does the magic show work on Zoom webinar?

Yes – although Alan will need a number of people who have their camera and mic on as presenters so he can interact with them. Zoom allows for 1000 people in their normal room so this often a better option as it keeps in more interactive knowing that anyone could get chosen at anytime.

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