Looking for an Online Magic Show? Check out Alan Hudson’s Zoom Magic Show

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Online Magic Show - Zoom Magician

Online Magic Show for team meetings, birthdays and celebrations.

The Secret Zoom is an incredible 25-30 minute virtual online magic show for you, your colleagues during team meetings or family and friends for celebrations. You get your mind read, you see some crazy magic and you get the best seats in the house. All done live and virtually, via Zoom.

A completely unique experience. It’s magic and mind reading for you, in your house or work place from a top Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. To check out Alan’s credentials, have a look at the CV.

Watch the Zoom Magic Show trailer here

How does an online magic show work?

Online Magic Show

It’s all really straight forward. All you need is a computer/laptop/Ipad and Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, WebEx. This can also be done on BlueJeans, StarLeaf etc

A big part of the fun with magic and mind reading is seeing others react to it. The great thing about the Zoom magic show is that as you’re watching Alan perform, you can see your family, friends, colleagues interacting and reacting to the magic and mind reading too. It really is amazing!

What will you do in the online magic show?

Zoom Magician

The Zoom magic act lasts for 30 mins (can be shorter if required) and has some fantastic magic and mind reading that is all interactive.

You just think of a word/picture/number and Alan, your Zoom magician, will tell you what you are thinking of. All in an amazing (and funny) way. He also performs some impossible card tricks (all updated to perform in a virtual magic show) and other sleight of hand magic that is all unique and interactive.

The virtual magic show has been designed specially for online conferencing calls. The show is written and produced with Zoom in mind (also works on other video calling software such as Skype/Microsoft Teams/WebEx etc). The idea being that instead of just watching a show, you get to take part in the show and have your mind read. It’s really incredible!

Who is the Zoom magic show suitable for?

Zoom Magician Magic Show

Ideally the show is suitable for team meetings, celebrations such as birthdays, work meetings etc. Many people are just having it as a fun thing to do on an evening. Having a Zoom magician is a fantastic way to spice up your Zoom.

The Secret Zoom online magic show is 30 minutes long and geared up for adults. The magic is smart, sophisticated and funny. Alan doesn’t perform for children’s birthday parties, however, it is family friendly so kids from around 9+ would appreciate the magic and be completely wowed from the experience.

Alan has currently performed this show for company events and parties in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia and all over Europe. In one weekend he performed for people in Sydney, Chicago, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington and New York!

How much does the online magic show cost?

Magician on Zoom PayPal


It’s on a PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD/THINK IS FAIR basis. People pay anywhere from £75 – £500 (minimum payment of £75). You get the PayPal after the show, so if you loved it, you can pay as much as you like.


Also on a PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD/THINK IS FAIR basis. All companies are in a different position. Please get in touch for availability and details.

Zoom Magician – Alan Hudson

Online Magic Show - Secret Zoom

Zoom Magician, Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top magicians. He’s amazing and funny too.

Appearances on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, ITV’s The Next Great Magician. Seen by over 5 million people.

A regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and amazes at private parties and corporate events all over the world.

Alan is also a member of the world famous The Magic Circle. In fact, he’s actually a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. The highest position you can achieve. Less than 250 magicians in the world hold this position.

★★★★★ Virtual Magic Show Reviews? ★★★★★

Wow! Thank you. That was amazing Alan and so much fun. I recommend everyone get together for a show. EVERYONE! John Gilbert, Eskimo Soup

We booked Alan for The Secret Zoom. Excellent magic and mind reading via zoom … absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended! Tom Warrender, Wilson Browne Solicitors

What an astounding show. Really terrific. Many thanks. You are truly a genius. Scott McDonald, CEO Oliver Wyman

How do I book a Zoom magic show?

To book The Secret Zoom, simply get in touch today, we can arrange a mutual date and time. We’ll schedule a link for you to share or Alan can jump on to your call at the right time.

Is it just Zoom or can it be Microsoft Teams/Skype/Google Hangouts/WebEx?

We’ve called it The Secret Zoom as this is the preferred medium for a virtual magic show. However, it’s also possible to use Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, WebEx or Skype. For an online magic show, the main thing is you can all see Alan!

Who is the online magic show suitable for?

Alan’s Zoom magic show is geared up for adults. The magic and mind reading is amazing and funny. However, older kids (9+) and teens are enjoying it too if watching with parents.

Zoom allows up to 100 people. Obviously the smaller the number, the more interactive it is for those people. However, if you have more than 100, it is possible, so please do get in touch.