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Private Parties in the Secret Room

Recently many magicians have been asking me if they can use my Secret Room idea – as a lot of magicians read this blog, this post is largely for them. The answer is yes – please use it. In fact, I URGE you to do it. Although, please don’t call it The Secret Room – use the concept, not the name please.

Most people ask for a magician wandering around showing tricks to small groups because that is what they have seen at another party/wedding/corporate event etc. Most people want what they know. However, if more magicians start doing the Secret Room idea, this is what people will start asking for. Which will make life better for us all.

I’m sure most of you realise the benefits of the Secret Room already, but if not here are just a few

* It gives you more credibility – people feel they have just seen a top show by a top magician, rather than just been shown some tricks by a bloke!
* People see the magic without interruptions from other guests, waiters etc and so therefore get a much better experience
* You can perform better magic as you control the environment (ie where people are sat etc) – you’re not restricted to the typical close up tricks
* Everyone at the party gets to see you (very difficult to make sure when doing walkaround) and for the right amount of time

At these parties more people ask for my business card than any other event I’ve ever done in my life. I know that sounds like an ad for a magic trick – but it’s not the trick, it’s the framing.