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Sawing a Lady In Half (or anyone for that matter) | Unbelievable Illusion

Sawing A Lady in Half Illusion

Sawing a Lady In Half is probably one of the most famous tricks in the world. Obviously in 2020 that can seem a bit sexist. It doesn’t have to be a lady, it can be anyone. As long as they fit in the box.

It is, without doubt a fantastic illusion. It’s also very easy to describe to people afterwards. A lady (or a man) went in a box and the magician sawed them in half. Simple.

Alan Hudson presents to you – Anyone Sawn In Half. That’s right, anyone. Again, as long as they can fit in the box. Obviously.

This is your chance to have a member of your team or a family member, sawn in half. Usually, you’d only get a chance to see this type of illusion in Las Vegas or a large magic show. Alan can bring this amazing classic magic to your event. It’s certainly a show stopper!

If you’re having a corporate event, wedding, special occasion and you want some be be sawn in half, this is it!

The person won’t need any special training or rehearsal. Alan will do all the heavy lifting.

Sawing A Lady in Half Illusion

The illusion was usually done with a magicians assistant. Traditionally magicians were men (although this is changing thankfully) and the magician would ask his assistant on and present the ‘Sawing A Lady in Half’. However, you always had the feeling that the assistant would be up to something tricky or there was another person (a popular myth about how the Sawing A Lady illusion was achieved).

When we saw a member of your audience in half, there is only explanation. It must be magic!

Obviously the sawing in half trick is an illusion. We promise no blood or gore and the person won’t suffer any side effects afterwards. However, to your audience it will look like the person you’ve nominated has been sawn in to two pieces. Incredible.

This is perfect for after dinner shows, before dinner shows, presentations etc. Imagine your CEO or head of accounts being sawn in half. A fantastic opportunity for photos and social media.

If you have someone in mind that you would like to be sawn in half, contact Alan Hudson today. Disclaimer – just so you know, he will have to put them back together again. Alan is a member of The Inner Magic Circle so it’s his duty to restore the person. Sorry about that!

How can I book Sawing A Lady in Half

Contact Alan Hudson to see if this fantastic illusion would be suitable for your event. And just a reminder, even though it’s classically called Sawing A Lady In Half, it doesn’t have to be a lady!

How do you saw a lady in half?

First you need a box. Then you need a blade. You place the lady (or man) in the box in the box and then saw them in half. The difficult bit is putting them back together…