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The Mind Reading Magician – Magic or Telepathy?

Mind reading magician

Am I a mind reading magician? Is anyone? Is it real? One of the most popular questions any magician gets asked is “can you read minds?”. Often followed by “what are the lottery numbers?”. It’s a reasonable follow up. I mean, let’s be honest, if you really were a mind reading magician then surely you’d use your powers to get rich? But even if you could read someones mind, the lottery numbers doesn’t really count does it. No one is thinking of the numbers. They are generated by a machine. There is no ones mind to read. That would class as predicting the future.

Mind reading has become very popular as part of many magicians acts in the last 20 years. This is largely down to Derren Brown making a huge impact on TV and in theatres worldwide, but also times have changed too. The old style cabaret magic can seem a bit naff now. Glittery boxes and producing girls in leotards have (quite rightly) gone out of fashion. Asking someone to think of their credit card PIN and then telling them (and everyone else) what 4 digit number is just in their head is a lot cooler! And more useful too.

Are you really a mind reading magician?

We’re all intelligent people (!). Let’s be honest, no one can really read minds. There is no such thing as a genuine mind reading magician. James Randi has offered anyone who can prove they genuinely can read minds a million dollars. Not surprisingly, no one has claimed it yet. However, with the use of some old school (and new school) conjuring methods and a bit of word play, Alan can genuinely make it look like he is reading minds. Even with that caveat, some people are convinced that only way he can achieve the miracles is reading minds. Even if they’re told otherwise. They just seem convinced.

Where is a mind reading magician suitable for?

The mind reading act is perfect for slightly larger groups rather than in a walk around situation. The fun is in the performance and seeing your guests jaws drop to the floor when they realise that the word, number or picture they were just thinking of has just been revealed. Which leads to the next question… what else does the magician know about me??

A mind reading magician is suitable for a whole range of different events. Often corporate events, after dinner is the best time, will hire a magician for a larger audience. Everywhere from awards ceremonies, balls, dinners, client events – in fact anywhere you want people to be entertained.

Book a mind reading magician

If you’d like to see if Alan can read your guests minds, you’ll have to get in touch with him yourself. He’s not a mind reader you know!

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How can I hire a mind reading magician?

If you have an event that is suitable, a mind reading magician is a fantastic idea. Everyone loves magic, but one that can read minds is even better. Get in touch to see if your date is available.

What is a mind reading magician?

It’s usually a magician that includes some mind reading as part of the act rather that the mind reading being the whole thing. Derren Brown would class himself as a mind reader. Dynamo would class himself as a magician, but also includes some mind reading in his act.