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The Next Great Magician | ITV Magic Show

The Next Great Magician

The Next Great Magician. In 2016, ITV filmed a very exciting tv magic show called The Next Great Magician. Many years ago, ITV had another magic show called The Best of Magic back in 1989. As the title suggests, it contained the best magic acts from around the world and was instrumental in my personal interest in the art of magic. TV has changed a lot in that time and so has TV magic. In the past nearly all magic shows were studio based (David Nixon, Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson etc). Then along came the invention of Street Magic, which, as the title suggests, took the whole show to the streets (David Blaine, Dynamo etc).

Next Great Magician ITV

This new show is back in the studio and is more like The Best of Magic for our generation. It’s not everyday you get to perform on primetime television. Especially alongside the very best magicians on earth, many of which are my own personal heroes of magic.

I really hope everyone enjoys seeing the very best magicians from around the world, bringing their A game. Yes, there is a competition element, but the great news is, you don’t need to press your red button now or pick up the phone. Magicians themselves vote for who they think should be The Next Great Magician.

ITV Magic Show – The Next Great Magician

the next great magician itv magic show

Some of the worlds best magicians are due to appear. Thommy and Amelie, Hector Mancha, Rune Klan, Jordan Gomez, Xavier Mortimer, Barry and Stuart, Rob Zabrecky and many more. I’m very honoured to be chosen to be on such a list and I can’t wait to see it myself. As a huge magic fan myself, I’m really pleased that this style of magic is back on TV.

Produced by Andrew O’Connor and Derren Brown’s Vaudeville Productions and Crook Production and hosted by the very funny Stephen Mulhern and Rochelle Humes (from the Saturdays). It’s for ITV, 7pm on Sunday evenings with an air of 6th November 2016.

The Next Great Magician Episode one stars US close-up magician Eric Jones (with Rylan Clark and Suzanne Shaw), comedy illusionists Young & Strange with Houndini, Jordan Gomez from France with his CD act, female magician Ines, escapologist Jonathan Goodwin and the brilliant Xavier Mortimer.

The Next Great Magician Episode two stars Magus Utopia performing illusions, Katherine Mills, double act Barry & Stuart performing Barry’s Belly, Andi Gladwin, Will Houstoun at Downton Abbey with close up magic and Korean magician Hun Lee’s Rewind act.

The Next Great Magician Episode three stars Josephine Lee, Rune Klan with comedy with magic, Laura London, Paul Vu, Rob Zabrecky with Jaymi Hensley, Jimmy Bullard and Michelle Heaton and Seol Park from South Korea.

The Next Great Magician Episode four stars Jan Reinder with Jorgie Porter and Rochelle Humes, Jorge Blass with Andrea Mclean, Nate Staniforth , Morgan & West, Billy Kid and Pete Firman comedy magician.

The Next Great Magician Episode five stars Jamie Allan, Ekaterina at ComiCon, Brendan Rodrigues with the cast of TOWIE, Alan Hudson, Thommy Ten & Amelie (mind reading double act) and Hector Mancha (FISM champion)

The Next Great Magician FINAL stars Jamie Allan, Pete Firman, Barry and Stuart, Rob Zabrecky and Xavier Mortimer.

The Next Great Magician

Alan Hudson perform’s as a comedy magician for corporate events all over the world. Have a look at his clip from ITV’s The Next Great Magician here…