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How much does a magician cost to hire? Prices to make your event magic

Magician For Hire Prices

How much does a magician cost to hire?

How much does a magician cost to hire? Most people have no idea how much magicians can cost. Many enquire with me and often just want to know the price. Obviously it’s fair enough to want to know if they can afford it. But price isn’t everything. It depends what you get for your money. And of course the ‘what’ doesn’t just mean how long. Hiring a magician to provide the best entertainment possible is much better than the longest amount of time.

People often ask questions like “How much does a virtual magician cost to hire?”, “how much do magicians charge?”, “what is the cost per hour for a magician?” etc. Understandably people don’t book magicians everyday so have no idea as to how much they might be. But to just want a price on anything without knowing what is on offer is a bit shortsighted.

Most magicians don’t have prices on their websites for one main reason. It’s almost impossible to put a price list up because almost every single event is different. There are just too many variables (location, date and time, length, type of entertainment etc).

How much is a virtual magician?

Virtual magic shows are incredible. There’s nothing else on Zoom, Teams etc that can bring people together, entertain and amaze all at the same time. Many video calls can be a bit awkward without a speaker or entertainment.

It’s the perfect entertainment for happy hour events, online conferences team sales meetings etc.

A brilliant Zoom magician will charge different amounts depending on the event. For instance a private, 30 minute show for 6 people will cost less than a corporate event for 100 guests that might need a pre meeting, a rehearsal, bespoke tricks etc.

Expect to pay anything from £500 – £5000 ($700 – $7000) depending on who the magician you book, how many people you are having, date, extra work involved etc.

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How much does a wedding magician cost to hire?

How much does a magician cost?

When you ask, “How much does a magician cost to hire?”, many different factors come in to it. For instance, a Saturday evening could have a higher cost than a Monday afternoon. The magician in question may already have one job nearby that day and ‘doubling up’ (doing 2 jobs in a day) is always good, so could potentially offer a slightly cheaper price.

A peak date in December will be higher than one in January. Or maybe the magician will charge more or less depending on the location and on how appealing the job is. For instance, if it’s at Silverstone for Formula 1 weekend and the magician is a Formula 1 fan, they might be willing to drop the price a bit to get the job.

It also depends on the type of event. For instance weddings and private parties are going to be cheaper than a corporate event. This is down to many reasons. Often corporate events are longer, more difficult and take more time.

What is the cost of an in person magician?

How much does a wedding magician cost

So, how much do magicians charge to come to your event? Most good, reliable professional magicians (ones that I’d recommend), tend to charge from around £500 – £1500 for close up magic (can sometimes be more in December, especially on peak days).

There are a couple that charge a lot more than this – for instance TV magicians, but they are the exception in my experience.

For an after dinner magic show for everyone, fees range anywhere between £750 – £5000.

Like all things in life, you can get cheaper magicians. There is a Facebook group where people post magic jobs on for a staggeringly low £100 – £400 on average. It all depends on the standard you are looking for. Often a cheaper price sounds good, but unfortunately the people turning up doing the jobs (if they turn up at all) usually just aren’t experienced enough. It’s like hiring a cowboy plumber or builder… the price is appealing, the result usually isn’t.

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How much does a magician cost to hire?

All magicians charge different prices depending on the desirability of the magician (TV credits, experience etc), date, time, number of guests, location, type of show.

For virtual shows, the fees can be anywhere between £500 and £5000. For weddings and corporate events, the average fees in the UK range from £500 – £1500 for close up magic and between £750 – £2000 for after dinner cabaret.