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Top Tips to hire the best magician for your event

Top Tips to hire the best magician for your event

There are hundreds of magicians on the internet – a quick search for ‘Magician for Hire’ and you’ll be overwhelmed. How do you sort out the men from the boys? Here are 5 things you should look out for…

1) CV – look to see how long the magician has been performing for and for some reviews (and not just from his site – sweep the net). See where the magician has performed before. Look for prestigious events. A street magician who has just performed in the street might not be suitable for your swanky corporate event on London’s Park Lane.

2) Photos – it’s all very well saying you launched the new Bentley for James Bond’s new film, but where’s the proof? New and inexperienced magicians tend not to have pictures from several events. If they are all taken in a pub or village hall, that should tell you what level they are at.

3) Video – have a look for a video actually showing some tricks. Many merely have lots of reaction shots without actually showing what the magician is going to do. Also, look for something a bit different – many people have seen a magician before so you need to look for someone who looks fresh, interesting and original.

4) Fee – alarm bells should be ringing if the performer has quoted a small amount. Just because it says ‘professional’ on his website doesn’t actually mean he is (magicians don’t stop at tricks when it comes to deception). A full time magician will charge a bit more, but you usually only have one chance to make a first impression on your guests.

5) Efficiency – often I hear of people waiting a couple of days for replies. “I’m just waiting for some quotes to come in”. Professional magicians don’t hang around as they don’t have a day job to get in the way. Part of a good service is knowing that if you have any problems, changes etc that they are going to be dealt with quickly and smoothly.