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Trade Show Magician – Magic Customers To Your Stand

Trade Show Magician

Trade show magician, Alan Hudson is one of the top corporate magicians in the UK. If you’re looking for a truly unique and brilliant way to attract visitors to your stand, you might want to think about hiring an expert trade show magician. Not just any magician. Any magician can do tricks. In fact, any idiot can learn a few tricks in a matter of minutes. What you need is someone professional who can engage, entertain and lead your delegates to sign up/scan their passes/leave their business cards.

Alan Hudson has been performing as a trade show magician at places like the NEC in Birmingham for over 20 years. He’s been seen on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician and a winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Sometimes it’s performing close up magic for small groups (during the busy periods) or larger shows at set times through the day to really make a huge impact.

We’ve all seen dozens of stands at trade shows that look great, yet no one goes near them. Why? Because a good looking stand isn’t enough. You need to give people a reason to come over. A raffle is a bit naff. A snake in a box is interesting, but some people don’t like snakes. Your free pens are fine, but everyone has enough pens. No one uses a mouse mat anymore. Everyone loves a bit of magic! Magic when presented by a professional trade show magician can draw in the delegates, entertain them and leave them with a story they can’t wait to tell others.

What does a trade show magician do?

Trade Show Magician for Hire

Your sales staff are great if they have someone to sell to. But if no one is stopping, it can be tricky for even your number 1 star seller. Alan can engage delegates with sleight of hand magic, make them laugh, make them amazed, but most of MAKE THEM STOP AT YOUR STAND!

This can be small groups of passing traffic. For instance, Alan will simply start doing some magic, engage people, amaze them and then mention that he works with your company. Or, you can have bigger shows (depending on the size and location of your stand) at set times through the day. This is a great way to make sure a lot of people are stopping and talking about you afterwards. They stop for the magic, but remember the company after.

The company message can also be humorously brought up in to the magical routines. For instance, if you promise to ‘cut costs in half’ for your customers, Alan can perform a magic trick that demonstrates this. Perhaps using a newspaper that he tears up and magically restores. The possibilities are endless.

Trade show magician magic giveaway

Trade show Magician Cards

Another great idea to have a magic giveaway. A simple trick that people can take away and impress their friends with. All branded up of course! This could be a 3 card trick for instance. 3 cards are shown, 2 aces and a queen. The queen is taken out facedown and when revealed it has your company message on it. Simple, fun, amazing and to the point. Also, very easy for people to learn. They don’t have to be a master of sleight of hand! Alan has some great ideas of magic tricks that are for sale that you can use.

Contact trade show magician Alan today to see if a) your date is available and b) ask how he suggests you use his magic for your best advantage.

How far does a trade show magician travel?

Alan performs all over the world. He’s done hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions in the UK and also performed in Zurich, Hamburg, Harlem. Companies from all over the world have used Alan to grab the attention of potential clients with his magic

Can a trade show magician do tricks with our company logo?

Absolutely. Many magic tricks can be adapted and redesigned. This can be in the show itself or as a giveaway. A simple trick that has your logo/message on it that is given to your clients so they can impress their friends.

How much does a trade show magician cost?

Obviously cost will be a deciding factor. Can you afford to hire a magician to bring customers to your stand? However, the results will make any initial investment pay dividends. Cost will depend on time, location and many other factors. For instance, you might want tie in your company logo and message in to the tricks. Alan can spend time coming up with bespoke tricks and presentations that will blend in with your brand or message.