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Trick Teaser from Edinburgh Festival

Today is the final performance of Trick Teaser at Gilded Balloon. It’s been a brilliant fringe. Meeting new friends and seeing loads of incredible shows. Best of all, my own show has been amazing fun to perform and sold out many times. The average audience in Edinburgh is less than 10, so really pleased that people chose my show to see out of the thousands that they could have gone to. After today, I go back home and carry on with the close up magic and cabarets around the country. If you are interested in having the Trick Teaser show, gimme a shout. After 26 performances in Edinburgh, it’s well worked in. Here are a few audience reviews from the Twitter

Trick Teaser Review

Alan Hudson Edinburgh Reviews 3
Alan Hudson Edinburgh Reviews 5
Alan Hudson Gilded Balloon Review
Alan Hudson Edinburgh Reviews 2Alan Hudson Edinburgh Review