Incredible Virtual Zoom Magic Show – amazing, family friendly online mind reading and magic on Zoom, Teams, WebEx and all virtual platforms

Virtual Comedian | Hilarious Comedy on Zoom Live

Zoom entertainment has exploded and a virtual comedian is the ideal entertainment. Comedy on Zoom works amazingly well as long as you have the right comedian providing the laughs.

Alan Hudson is one of the top virtual comedian/magicians on Zoom. His shows are not only hilarious, but also incredible. Along with the comedy, Alan performs jaw dropping magic and mind reading. The perfect mix. And not only do you watch the show, you actually take part in the show. It’s live and fully interactive.

Virtual Comedian

Virtual Comedian live for your company!

Alan performs his incredibly funny show on Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx or any virtual platform that you might prefer. The shows can last anywhere between 15 – 45 minutes and customised for your event. A big part of the show is the interaction between Alan and the guests. It’s all family friendly so partners and other family members are welcome to join too if you’d like them to.

Perfect virtual happy hours, end of quarter events and special occasions. The show has been performed for hundreds of companies to rave reviews.

To get the idea, here’s a quick trailer to see the type of comedy and magic Alan can bring to your Zoom virtual event

Virtual Magician - AMAZING Virtual Magic Show

Comedy on Zoom

Most people have been on Zoom. A lot. Most people have seen bad presentations on Zoom. The famous Zoom fatigue is real. But that’s usually because the presenters don’t understand the medium and how to make it exciting.

Alan’s show is fast, funny and amazing. To see what others are saying about the show, read the reviews. For more reviews, click here.

Audience members become the star of the show in the virtual magic show. A virtual comedian performing magic on Zoom is one of the engaging online activities you can do in the virtual world. Stand up comedy is difficult to get right for a broad audience, but brilliant comedy magic always hits the spot and keeps everyone entertained.

Alan also works along side some hilarious straight stand up comedians too. Over the past few years, many companies have been having comedy on Zoom and some of it is great and some not so great. Not all comedians work as a virtual comedian.

If you’d like a mixed variety bill with a few virtual comedians and magician, get in touch and we can arrange a whole programme for you.

Ideal for virtual happy hour, Christmas parties, awards ceremonies, end of quarter events etc

Comedy on Zoom - Virtual Comedian

Virtual Comedian FAQ’s

How much does a virtual comedian cost?

It all depends on the date, length and a few other factors. Get in touch with a few details and we can start the conversation.

Will the comedian be family friendly?

Alan’s show is 100% clean and designed for a corporate audience. As many people are working from home, you never know who else is watching off camera. If you want to invite the family, they are more than welcome.

Who sets up the link for the show?

Either we can set up the Zoom link for you to share, or if you are having a longer session, we can join your call a few minutes before showtime.

Which platform is best for comedy?

Zoom is obviously the most popular one right now, but if your company always meets on Meet or get the team together on Team, Alan’s show works on pretty much all virtual platforms. He’s perform the show online hundreds of times so knows each platform well. The important thing is that Alan can interact with guests for the comedy and magic to work.

How do I know the Virtual Comedian will be funny?

If you’d like to meet Alan before to see if he’s the right entertainer, get in touch and we can set up an online meeting.

Virtual Comedian Reviews