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Virtual Team Building Activities | Magic Zoom Show

Virtual Team Building Activities

Lots of people are now looking for virtual team building activities. Since a lot of people are working from home and Zoom is the best way to stay connected, you still need things to do that are not work related. During quarantine/lockdown theses have become more popular than ever.

A Zoom magic and mind reading show is one of the best and most amazing virtual team building activities you can do. You can have as many guests on as you like. Everyone get’s to watch an amazing show and it’s interactive, so you don’t just watch the show, you get to take part.

Alan Hudson, recently seen on Britain’s Got Talent, is one of the UK’s top magicians and is one of the original Zoom illusionists. Performing at dozens of team meetings, get togethers and events per week, Alan has the perfect Zoom virtual team building activity magic show.

How does it work?

You’ll get sent a Zoom link, or Alan can jump on to your at the right time. The show lasts for 30 minutes (can be shorter if required). Alan will then interact with your colleagues with magic and mind reading miracles. It’s even more amazing that he can do the magic when he’s not in the same room as them.

Large Zoom chats can be a bit awkward. Virtual team building activities can often be a bit lame. Sure, you can all learn how to fold a towel in to a swan, play a treasure hunt or look at what’s behind people in their front room. But a mind reading magician will blow their socks off. Many people have said it’s the best experience they’ve ever had on a Zoom chat.

Magic Virtual Team Building Activities FAQS

How long does the show last?

The full show lasts for 30 minutes and this is the ideal length. Sometimes companies have just 15-20 mins at the end of a meeting. The show can be changed to fit in with you.

Do you do any more Virtual Team Building Activities?

At the moment, the Zoom magic act is taking up so much time it’s the only one.

How much are Virtual Team Building Activities?

The magic and mind reading show starts at £200 – £1500 depending on length, date and requirements.

If you are looking for virtual team building activities that are different to the usual quizzes, treasure hunts etc and want something truly amazing, contact Alan today.