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Wedding Magician Photos in London

Whenever I perform as a wedding magician and they also have a photographer wandering around trying to capture the essence of the reception, I often ask if I can have a look or if they can email me a few photos after. They always say yes but very rarely do. Also, quite often they are unusable. I’ve just had an email from Kristian Leven who not only kept his promise, but also sent some photos I actually like. There were loads to choose from but I thought these 4 were interesting as I’m not the focus of attention. On the wedding day, I hope to keep the guests attention, but I realise it’s all about the impact my magic has on people and the memories they will be left with – it’s not about having my ego massaged.

These photos do a great job of showing people enjoying themselves, been amazed and me doing my job. They were taken at a wedding at the super swanky Dorchester Hotel, London

If you are looking for a great wedding photographer in London, I can highly recommend Kristian (and he keeps his promises!).

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