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WINNER on Penn & Teller: Fool Us – FOOLER

Wow. What a rush. Absolutely buzzing. I’m now a winner of Penn & Teller: Fool Us with my official ‘Fooler’ trophy!

Penn & Teller: Fool Us started in the UK in 2011. I was on the show then and unfortunately my trick was deemed to have been a ‘non fooler’.

However, I was recently invited back on the TV show, this time to perform at their theatre at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and have another go at fooling 2 of the best magicians in the world (Penn & Teller).

This is the same trick that I performed a few years ago on Britain’s Got Talent with Amanda Holden. It’s a magic trick that I’m very proud of as 1) I invented it and I’m the only magician in the world performing it and 2) I think it’s a really fooling magic trick. Sometimes you can buy magic tricks that other magicians have invented, however, this one isn’t for sale so I know I’m the only person performing it.

This time, I performed a signed card trick with the host, Alyson Hannigan. Here is the result

FOOLER on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

And the best part is, they even gave me one of their trophies! This is now pride of place in my magic room and if you book me to perform one of my virtual magic shows, you will know doubt see it on display.

Winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us Fooler

What is Penn and Teller: Fool Us?

If you’re a fan of magic and illusions, then you’ve probably heard of the popular television show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. This show, which first aired in 2011, has been captivating audiences all over the world with its unique blend of magic and comedy.

In each episode, aspiring magicians perform their best tricks in front of legendary illusionists Penn and Teller, hoping to fool the duo and win a coveted spot in their Las Vegas show. The performers come from all over the world and bring with them a wide range of magic styles, from sleight of hand to grand illusions.

What sets Penn & Teller: Fool Us apart from other magic shows is the format. Instead of just performing tricks, you have to try to become a Fooler (someone who fools Penn and Teller).

Additionally, the show’s format allows for a wide range of magical styles to be showcased, from traditional card tricks to more modern and innovative performances. This diversity in magic styles makes for a highly entertaining viewing experience, as viewers are constantly being exposed to new and exciting tricks.

One of the most impressive aspects of Penn and Teller Fool Us is the level of difficulty of the tricks being performed. The magicians bring their A-game to the stage, performing tricks that are often highly technical and require years of practice to master. It’s always a treat to watch as the performers attempt to fool Penn and Teller with their most impressive tricks.

But perhaps the best part of Penn and Teller Fool Us is the element of surprise. The show’s format creates a high level of suspense, as viewers are left to wonder whether or not the magicians will be able to pull off their tricks and fool the seasoned illusionists. It’s always a nail-biting moment when Penn and Teller reveal how the trick was done, and the excitement of the show only increases when the duo are indeed fooled.

Overall, Penn and Teller Fool Us is a must-watch for fans of magic and illusions. The combination of talented performers, humor, and suspense make for a highly entertaining viewing experience. Whether you’re a long-time fan of magic or just discovering the art for the first time, this show is sure to leave you impressed and entertained.