Exciting 2024 Virtual Zoom Magic Show – interactive magic and mind reading show online

Exciting Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Zoom Christmas party entertainment was HUGE in 2020 and 2021 and it’s just as big in 2022 with some dates sold out already.

Is a Zoom Christmas party the same as a ‘real life’ party? No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be brilliant fun. Make sure everyone has a little drink or two, some food or snacks, dresses up and of course, some world class entertainment. Think about the benefits of virtual parties. The main one being, it’s 100% safe. How can you make your Zoom Christmas party the best it can be?

So what are you going to do for your Zoom Christmas Party entertainment this year? Here is a brilliant idea in which you can keep your company connected, having fun and entertained for your virtual party.

Magical Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

Alan Hudson has been performing his incredible online Zoom magic show since April last 2020. He performed over 1500 shows in 2020 and 2021. In December it became a complete sell out. Some people were sceptical about how well magic would work on a video call. It turns out, that some of the mind reading and magic is even more impressive because it’s over Zoom (or Teams, Google, WebEx etc) – we’re not even in the same room and he still reads your mind. Amazing!

The show lasts 30 minutes (it can be anywhere between 15 – 45 minutes as required) and has incredible magic, mind reading, comedy and plenty of audience participation. Alan speaks and interacts with people through the show. Someone has to think of a card, someone else has to think of a word, someone else has to draw a picture – Alan then tells them what they are thinking of or recreate the picture. All supported with a fantastic, modern soundtrack to keep the energy going. It’s really funny, has great energy and keeps people engaged the entire time. It’s live, interactive and 100% amazing – the perfect Zoom Christmas party entertainment.

Zoom Christmas Party Magician

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment Magician

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment

The Actual Virtual Magic Show is the perfect entertainment solution for almost all parties. It appeals to a wide audience, not everyone will be speaking at the same time so it’s perfect for bigger parties and it’s amazing! Everyone loves a bit of magic.

Almost everyone has been on Zoom, especially over the last few years, but hardly anyone has taken part in some amazing magic Zoom Christmas party entertainment!

It’s really the only entertainment online that can engage, entertain and amaze at the same time.

The show can be on Zoom (by far the most popular), Google, Teams, BlueJeans, WebEx etc. I can also join your call anytime.

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment Reviews

Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment chat

For reviews, to see what others thought about Alan’s incredible online magic show, have a look at the Google reviews here. Here are extra reviews on the Google Business page.

For more details and FAQ’s, check out the virtual magic show page.

On the left, is a snapshot of the type of chat that goes on through the show. You’d think that the magic was someone less amazing on a video call. In fact the reverse is true – most of the magic is even MORE impossible because of the distance.

A Zoom Christmas Party, although different to in real life parties (or offline as they have now become) can still be brilliant fun, memorable and all without any mess.

Obviously sending everyone a drinks box or some tokens to get their own drinks makes everyone get in to the party atmosphere. Make sure everyone has some nibbles and encourage everyone to get dressed up.

Chatting is difficult if you don’t have Breakout Rooms, so maybe that’s something you can consider. Put people in to smaller groups to chat and then bring everyone back to the main room for the entertainment. Just like in real life 🙂

How much is Zoom Christmas Party Entertainment?

The price depends on the date, how many people are on the call, length etc. Get in touch for details.

How long is the show for a Zoom Christmas Party?

The show usually lasts for 30 minutes. However, this can be as short as 15 mins or up to 45 mins if required. 30 mins is the ideal length whenever possible.

How many people is the show suitable for?

The show works for any number of guests. Everyone gets the beat seat in the house. Zoom Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes depending on the company. The show has been performed for almost 1000 people and the feedback was incredible. Everyone gets to feel involved, everyone is engaged and everyone has the best seat in the theatre!

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