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Every Little Helps

Nice email just in when Adrian Connell was in charge of impressing Tesco store and area managers at a lovely little dinner at Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire recently so they decided to hire a magician….

“If you are looking to hire this guy for an event do not pause, do not hesitate, we hired Alan for a post xmas event with the aim of adding some light entertainment and smoothing the evening over, he did not add light entertainment or smooth the evening over….. he absolutely smashed it, the event was a massive success with my whole team truly astonished and entertained by his act, we watched throughout and after in amazement at his act and were in awe by the end of the night, I am not exaggerating when I say he turned a good evening into a great one, top drawer 10 out of 10!” Adrian Connell, Tesco, Hertfordshire