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From Winehouse to My House

Well what a week it’s been loyal blog fans. Monday saw me in Oxford at the Keble College. I thought this was going to be a tricky one as everyone was sat on benches on just a couple of long tables (not on round tables, which gives me easy access to my adoring public, and is definitely my favorite set up for close up at dinner). Been the consummate pro that I am, I started at the ends of the tables (easy access) and tried to make everyone jealous that they were missing something special. Well to my genuine surprise, this actually seemed to work and people were actually turning round to invite me to perform. Quite good in the end. On Wednesday I went to Uxbridge for the Brunel Uni Post Grad Ball – was ok. Outside under a small marque – my fingers got cold. But students are my favorite audience as a lot seem to react to my tricks like I’ve asked them to ham it up for TV special. After Uxbridge I drove to see my friend Sam (self named ‘Handsome Sam’). We went for a drink in trendy Camden and in walked Amy Winehouse. She’s quite small I seemed to remember. Quite nice seeing such a current A-lister in the flesh though. Normally I just see people like Big Brother contestants or Norman Collier who was big in the 80’s for having a broken microphone.Thursday – did a close up magic gig (show, performance – can anyone come up with a better word than gig? Not sure it’s befitting. Oasis do gigs. Amy Winehouse does gigs. Not sure if card tricks at a posh hotel really fits in with them) with magician Dave Jones. Dave is a good magician but hasn’t got a website so I find it difficult to pass people on to him if I’m already booked. He is good though. Anyway we had a lovely time at The Grove in Watford for 200 people as some business thing (it was Dave’s gig – so I’m not even sure who they were. It was mainly men though). After Watford I drove home having been away for a few days. Always a pleasure to come back when you’ve been driving round the country. Alas, I was performing in Lancashire the following day so no time to appreciate the good home feel. Another wedding in Immingham on Saturday and finished off with a 20 min slot at Oulton Hall in Leeds. I do realize that one problem of doing a blog is if I were to ever lie on my tax form about the number of shows I do. Luckily for me I am very honest and would never do such a thing. Also my accountant is too much of a wimp and too scared for it not to be 100% correct.