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Magician Chelsea – Made in Chelsea

Recently I’ve been performing as a close up magician at a lot of post venues in and around Chelsea. A couple of times I’ve bumped in to the stars of Made in Chelsea (it’s a docu-thingy – I’m not quite sure. A bit like a rich mans The Only Way is Essex).

Magician in Chelsea

One thing that has struck me is they are a lot nicer in real life then they appear to be on the telly. Often celebrities are quite nice to perform to and the nicest ones will step back and not try to upstage. Also, the more confident ones will acknowledge what they have seen with great gusto which is nice as the hangers on are often taking the lead from the alpha male/female.

Chelsea has some incredible venues for weddings and parties and is perfect for table magicians such as myself. And it’s fairly local – which is a bonus!