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The kids back!

Hello, my name is Alan. I am a blogger. It has been nearly one month since my last blog. I thought I’d kicked the habit but…..Yes, I’m back. I’ll try not to leave you for so long again. There’s too much stuff since the last one to put it all here, but here are couple of highlights.

I performed at a trade show at NEC for the Dental Showcase BDTA – also there were fellow magicians Phil Jay, Dave Vegas, Steve Faulkner and Sam Strange (Oxford magician who I’d never met before) .

I performed at Jason Manford’s (TV comedian and all round nice guy) wedding – lots of comedians there who watched (and largely enjoyed) my magic – so that was nice.

Went to the Magic Circle Magic Dealer’s Day in London and also saw a nice show with a fair few magicians in it (along with a singer and a man who proved how good he was at getting an edited music track together) with the 2 Magicians (Barry and Stuart) and Pete ‘Firmski’ Firman who were excellent. Also on were Christian Lee and Lee Hathaway.

Also in October I performed at the Hull Comedy Festival in a show called ‘Live Naked Idiots’ – a sketch show with lots of Hull talent and me doing my act just before the interval – went well I thought. Anyway, normal service will now resume with hopefully a blog or 2 a week. Keep it real, keep it here, till next time……