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The Magic Circle X-Mas Show

The Magic Circle X-Mas Show

This year I’ve been selected to appear in the flagship show for The Magic Circle – The Magic Circle Christmas Show. It’s quite an honour considering it has around 1500 members and I’ve been chosen to represent the Circle.

It starts on the 27th December and runs until 3rd January and I’ll be performing a matinee and an evening show (except New Years Eve evening).

A brilliant chance to take the family and friends to see the world famous Magic Circle HQ in London, have a glass of wine, a look round the place magicians from all over the world gather to swap tricks and secrets.

It’s an incredible building and I’m very much looking forward to presenting my comedy magic twice daily in the beautiful theatre it has to offer.

If you’re looking for an X-Mas treat in London over the festive period and want to do something a bit different and special.