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Comedy Magician – Breaking Bad Trick

I love performing close up magic for small groups, but I also really love performing for the whole audience at the same time. This brings a different dynamic. A shared experience for everyone to enjoy at the same time.

I’ll often perform close up magic first around smaller groups and then save my show for after coffee or later in the evening. Most of my tricks involve getting members of the audience up to participate in the magic. My style is never to make audience members feel bad or not want to help. I think magicians can be guilty of making people wanting to sit at the back of a show – I like to think I’m helping to rebalance that with people actually wanting to help with the magic. It’s great fun to have your mind read in front of your friends for instance.

Here’s a quick video taken from my Edinburgh 2014 show, Trick Teaser. It’s a 1 minute bit based around he hit TV show, Breaking Bad. As you can see, it’s fun and couldn’t be performed as a mix and mingle piece, but great as a crowd pleaser.

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