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Magician Shropshire

Top Shropshire Magician – Alan Hudson

Alan is one of the top professional Close Up/Table Magicians performing his sleight of hand magic in Shropshire and surrounding areas.

Shropshire Magician for hire

Shropshire Magician for hire

Having a magician at a wedding is becoming more and more popular. And for good reason. At weddings the audience is usually a broad range of ages. From kids to Grandparents. Close up magic appeals to everyone (even the cynics) and can make everyone feel childlike again. Inoffensive, funny and amazing – there’s no other form of entertainment quite like it.

Imagine the looks on your guests faces as they been wowed. Forks will bend, their items will be be destroyed (and restored – magically!) and unusual things will just happen. Or, you could just have a harpist…

Party magician Shropshire

If you are having a birthday party then a magician can be the perfect way to make it go with a swing. Because a close up magician doesn’t need a stage or lights or sound system – it works pretty much anywhere. If you’re having a meal then magic during reception or between the courses is perfect (or both if you are having a lot of guests). If you’re having a house party, Alan will mix and mingle performing for small groups at a time or can perform magic in the Secret Room

Please take a look at this – it’s pretty good